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  1. GC Fuji Rock EP Golden Brown, 5kg (890222)
    Special Price ₹1500
    Low “powder-water” ratio
    High transverse and compressive strengths
  2. GC EverStick POST
    GC EverStick POST

    From ₹7708

    As low as ₹7708

    Pack of 10 & 15 Posts
    Sizes 0.9mm, 1.2mm & 1.5mm
  3. GC Gold Label 1 Luting & Lining
    GC Gold Label 1 Luting & Lining
    No surface preparation or bonding agent required
    High mechanical strength
  4. GC Gold Label 9 Posterior Restorative
    GC Gold Label 9 Posterior Restorative

    From ₹1372

    As low as ₹1372

    High Strength Radiopaque Posterior GIC
    Chemical setting without shrinkage
  5. GC Gold Label 2
    GC Gold Label 2

    From ₹1490

    As low as ₹1490

    Allows minimal cavity preparation
    Easy post-operative diagnosis
  6. GC Flexceed Putty And Kit
    GC Flexceed Putty And Kit
    More hydrophilic
    Highest tear strength
  7. GC G-aenial Universal Flo Syringe Refills

    From ₹1300

    As low as ₹1300

    superb invisible aesthetics without any compromises
    Better longevity and endurance
  8. GC Coe Pak Periodontal Dressing Standard Pkg (135001)
    Special Price ₹2600
    Easily mouldable
    Elastic consistency
  9. GC Saliva Check Kit (S642-090)
    Special Price ₹4200
    Prevents possibility of cross-contamination
  10. GC Elite 100 Mini Pack (0101B065-1000)
    GC Elite 100 Mini Pack (0101B065-1000)
    Regular Price ₹1147 Special Price ₹802
    Cementation of crowns
    Good Strength
  11. GC Black Mixing Pads (0299F2100000)
    Special Price ₹825
    Makes mixing and kneading easier
  12. GC Mini-Pack Mixing Pad (S642-060P)
    Special Price ₹80
    Designed for materials to easily be mixed and kneaded
  13. GC Dry Mouth Gel Asst Pack
    GC Dry Mouth Gel Asst Pack

    From ₹611

    As low as ₹561

    Simple finger application
    Pleasant taste, safe to swallow
  14. GC EverStick C&B
    GC EverStick C&B

    From ₹8750

    As low as ₹8750

    Reliable and aesthetic way
    Tooth tissue preserving approach
  15. GC Inlay Wax Medium, Green, 60 pcs (0104B641-0010)
    Special Price ₹1700
    High stability after hardening
    Low shrinkage
  16. GC Solare 4g Syringe
    GC Solare 4g Syringe

    From ₹1297

    As low as ₹1192

    Invisible aesthetics
  17. GC Fuji Plus
    GC Fuji Plus

    From ₹4700

    As low as ₹4700

    Easy to mix
    Similar mechanical properties to resin cements
    Out of stock
  18. GC Fuji IX GP Capsule
    GC Fuji IX GP Capsule

    From ₹7713

    As low as ₹7713

    Geriatric and pediatric restorations
    Final restorations (non-stress areas)
  19. GC Revotek LC Intro Set (0121F017-0000)
    Special Price ₹2450
    LC Composite Resin for temp restorations
    Single-component composite resin
  20. GC Aroma Fine Plus Alginate 500g (0130F077-0010)
    Special Price ₹425
    Advanced, dust free formulation
    Ideal thixotropic property
  21. GC NSJ NDS Cartridge Dispenser
    Special Price ₹2050
    Designed to work with 50 & 75 mL delivery systems
    Isolated barrel cartridge’s design
  22. GC Tooth Mousse Plus
    GC Tooth Mousse Plus

    From ₹761

    As low as ₹731

    900ppm of a unique patented form of fluoride
    Delivers RECALDENT to restore mineral balance
  23. GC Tooth Mousse
    GC Tooth Mousse

    From ₹805

    As low as ₹761

    Delivers RECALDENT to restore mineral balance
    Provides extra protection for teeth
  24. GC Dentin Conditioner (0101B574-1000)
    GC Dentin Conditioner (0101B574-1000)
    Regular Price ₹750 Special Price ₹667
    Improves the marginal seal
    Improve the longevity of the restoration
  25. GC Solare X
    GC Solare X

    From ₹1226

    As low as ₹1177

    Remarkable ability to blend into the tooth
    Non-sticky handling
  26. GC Miracle Mix
    GC Miracle Mix

    From ₹4650

    As low as ₹4414

    Strong chemical adhesion
    Excellent marginal seal
  27. GC Epitex
    GC Epitex

    From ₹2050

    As low as ₹1949

    Clear matrix strip
  28. GC EverStick Refill
    GC EverStick Refill

    From ₹3400

    As low as ₹3242

    Totally metal free
    Blends with the natural tooth shade
  29. GC Tempron
    GC Tempron

    From ₹4535

    As low as ₹4535

    Rapid cross linking
    Smooth surface without porosities
  30. GC Coe Professional Package
    GC Coe Professional Package

    From ₹5050

    As low as ₹4820

    Optimal fit of denture
    Avoids tissue irritation
  31. GC Fuji 9 GP Extra Capsules
    Chemical setting without shrinkage
    Strontium based glass provides good radiopacity
  32. GC Fuji 7
    GC Fuji 7

    From ₹3596

    As low as ₹3596

    Seals and protects tooth enamel
    Six times more fluoride than any other sealant
  33. GC Soft-Liner

    From ₹4850

    As low as ₹4850

    Temporary relining material (3-4 weeks)
    Good surface tension retention effect
  34. GC Spacer Tray Perf

    From ₹30

    As low as ₹30

    Perforated impression tray
    Unique spacer
  35. GC Gold Label 2 LC (Light-Cured)
    GC Gold Label 2 LC (Light-Cured)
    Allows minimal cavity preparation
    Protects against secondary caries
  36. GC Interproximal Brush
    GC Interproximal Brush

    From ₹300

    As low as ₹289

    Makes it easy to clean interdental areas
    Specially curved, non-slip antibacterial handle
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