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  1. Detax Dental Fermin
    Special Price ₹500
    Great adhesive strength
    Excellent marginal sealing
  2. Detax Dental Mollosil
    Permanently soft
    Cold curing
  3. Detax Dental Detaseal Hydoflow Putty
    Special Price ₹3450
    High consistency
    Ideal for prelimnary impression
    Out of stock
  4. Detax Dental Tempofit Duomix Refill
    Detax Dental Tempofit Duomix Refill

    From ₹2450

    As low as ₹2450

    Pressure and abrasion resistant
  5. Detax Dental Tempolink Clear
    Special Price ₹2700
    Highest marginal tightness
    Reduced displacement resistance
  6. Detax Dental Detaseal Hydroflow Lite
    Special Price ₹3375
    Easy -flow consistency
    Highest wetting capacity
    Out of stock
  7. Detax Dental Tempofit Premium 10/1
    Special Price ₹5300
    Natural aesthetic and fluorescence
  8. Detax Dental Impression Syringe
    Special Price ₹3150
    Multipurpose use
    Low extrusion pressure
  9. Detax Dental SmartProtect
    Special Price ₹1275
  10. Detax Dental Detaseal Function
    Special Price ₹2400
    Precision impression
    Smooth and supple consistency
    Out of stock
  11. Detax Dental Bite
    Detax Dental Bite

    From ₹2650

    As low as ₹2750

    Medium bodied
  12. Detax Dental Molloplast B
    Special Price ₹7420
    Heat curing
    Micro-wave polymerizing
  13. Detax Dental Mollosil Plus-Standard pack
    Special Price ₹8000
    Cold curing
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