GC Gold Label 2 LC (Light-Cured)

Allows minimal cavity preparation
Protects against secondary caries
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GC Gold Label 2 LC Mini Pack Shade A2 5g Powder and 3g Liquid Mini Pack
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GC Gold Label 2 LC 15g Powder Shade A2 15g Powder 15g Powder
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GC Gold Label 2 LC 1-1 PKG Shade A2 15g Powder, 8g Liquid 15g Powder, 8g Liquid
Special Price ₹3500
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Allows minimal cavity preparation
Protects against secondary caries
Excellent esthetics and finish
Assurance of successful restorations

Light-Cured Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative - Resin reinforcement and light curing enhances physical and aesthetic properties making Gold Label 2LC one of GC’s top-of-the-line glass ionomer restorative.

A Strontium-based Glass Ionomer: 

All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer contains strontium glass. The strontium glass provides good radiopacity and snapset characteristics, unanimously preferred by clinicians around the world. Interestingly, strontium will mimic calcium in the formation of strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite to affect internal remineralization within the tooth structure.

Surface Strengthening Effect:
Research has shown that a strontium-based glass ionomer placed in calcium-containing environment (saliva) will result in calcium ion diffusing into the glass ionomer surface achieving a surface strengthening effect. All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer strengthens over time in saliva.

A Consistent Predictable Seal: 
All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer will display a glossy surface after mixing. This indicates sufficient free polyacrylic acid is available to begin the ion exchange process. The subsequent movement of ions between dentin, enamel and GC Glass Ionomer creates an ion exchange zone which chemically fuses them together. The resulting seal is consistent, predictable and long lasting.


  • Chemical bond to tooth structure
  • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High fluoride release
  • Smaller particles
  • Higher filler loading
  • Triple cure mechanism
  • Low solubility
  • Long term clinical data


  • Allows minimal cavity preparation
  • Less stress on margins and marginal seal
  • Protects against secondary caries
  • Excellent esthetics and finish
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Allows for immediate finishing after light curing while ensuring total material set
  • Ease of colour match to tooth shade
  • More durable, longer lasting restorations
  • Assurance of successful restorations
  • Class III and V restorations
  • Root surface caries and cervical erosion
  • Abfraction lesions

How to Use Gold Label 2LC

  • After conditioning the tooth surface with GC Cavity Conditioner (20% polyacrylic acid), apply the Gold Label 2LC or Fuji II LC Capsule mixed accordingly into the cavity.
  • Form the contour and place a matrix if required during the working time.
  • Light cure for 20 seconds.
  • Final finishing under water spray can be carried out immediately after light curing.
  • After finishing, apply a final coat of GC Fuji Coat LC as a protective coating. Alternatively, application of a final protective coat of G-Coat PLUS can improve wear resistance.

Mixing Time (sec) 30”
Working Time (min, sec) 3’45”
Finishing begins (from start of mix) 20”

* Mixing conditions at 23°C. Higher temperatures will shorten working time.

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