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  1. 3M ESPE Clinpro Tooth Creme
    Clinical toothpaste
    3M ESPE

    From ₹375

    Delivers more fluoride to the tooth
    Innovative calcium and phosphate ingredient
  2. GC Tooth Mousse
    Topical Dental Creme

    From ₹693

    Delivers RECALDENT to restore mineral balance
    Provides extra protection for teeth
  3. GC Tooth Mousse Plus
    Topical Dental Creme

    From ₹693

    900ppm of a unique patented form of fluoride
    Delivers RECALDENT to restore mineral balance
  4. Ivoclar Vivadent Fluor Protector Assortments & Refills
    Protective Varnish
    Ivoclar Vivadent

    From ₹605

    3 Delivery Options; Fluoride concentration of 0.1%
    Improved treatment of hard-to-reach problem areas
  5. Pascal 60 Second APF Fluoride Gel-16 Oz
    Fluoride Gel

    From ₹952

    Contains 1.23% fluoride ion at pH 3.5
    Available in 16 Oz. Jar
  6. Voco Bifluorid 12 Refills
    Transparent Fluoride Varnish

    From ₹3,759

    With Sodium Fluoride and Calcium Fluoride
    For treatment of hypersensitive necks
  7. VOCO Profluorid Varnish - SingleDose Refills

    From ₹727

    Easy and quick
    Pleasant fruity flavour
  8. Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal F - Assortment & Refill
    Fissure Sealant with Fluoride
    Ivoclar Vivadent

    From ₹973

    Optimum wetting properties
    Easy to check retention
  9. Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal - Assortment & Refill
    Pigmented Fissure Sealant
    Ivoclar Vivadent

    From ₹5,683

    Effective protection against caries
    Easy to check retention; Optimum flow properties
  10. Pascal Fluoride Trays
    Fluoride Tray

    From ₹948

    Anatomical design
    Effective delivery of gel to occlusal areas
  11. Heraeus Gluma Desensitizer
    Heraeus Gluma Desensitizer
    Heraeus Kulzer
    Regular Price ₹2,225 Special Price ₹2,077
    No Prior Mixing
    No Shaking
  12. Voco Ionoseal Syringe Refills
    Light-curing Glass Ionomer Cement

    From ₹2,323

    Ready-for-use one-component material
    Time-saving: light-curing in seconds
  13. 3M ESPE Clinpro Sealant - Refills
    Fissure Sealant
    3M ESPE

    From ₹1,389

    Convenient direct delivery syringe
    Colour-change technology to visualise placement
  14. GC Saliva Check Kit
    GC Saliva Check Kit
    Saliva Check Kit
    Regular Price ₹4,220 Special Price ₹4,120
    Prevents possibility of cross-contamination
  15. Voco Remin Pro
    Fluoridation Cream

    From ₹774

    Simple application
    Contains fluoride, hydroxy apatite and xylitol
  16. Ultradent Sable Seek - Refills
    Caries Indicator

    From ₹393

    ​Identifies demineralized dentin
    Provides precise, mess-free delivery
  17. Voco Fissurit F - Syringe Refills
    Voco Fissurit F - Syringe Refills
    Fissure Sealant
    Regular Price ₹2,450 Special Price ₹2,363 As low as ₹2,254
    Excellent flow properties and low viscosity
    High stability and good adhesion to enamel
  18. Pulpdent Snoop Caries Detector
    Pulpdent Snoop Caries Detector
    Caries Detecting Dye
    Regular Price ₹2,100 Special Price ₹2,055 As low as ₹1,960
    Detect caries in difficult to see places
    Propylene glycol based caries detector
  19. SDI Conseal F Fissure Sealant 1g Syringe
    SDI Conseal F Fissure Sealant 1g Syringe
    Fissure Sealant
    Regular Price ₹600 Special Price ₹598 As low as ₹572
    Releases fluoride
    Low viscosity
  20. GC Fuji 7
    Glass Ionomer Sealant (OFFER INSIDE)

    From ₹3,325

    Seals and protects tooth enamel
    Six times more fluoride than any other sealant
  21. Ivoclar Vivadent Fluor Protector Gel
    Protective Varnish
    Ivoclar Vivadent

    From ₹570

    Calcium + 1450 ppm fluoride + phosphate
    Protects the teeth against acid attacks
  22. GC Plaque Check + pH Kit
    GC Plaque Check + pH Kit
    Plaque Check Kit
    Regular Price ₹2,705 Special Price ₹2,642
    5 minute
    Identifies plaque accumulation areas
  23. Kuraray Caries Detector
    Kuraray Caries Detector
    Caries Detector
    Regular Price ₹2,246 Special Price ₹2,024 As low as ₹1,909
    Fast and easy to use
    Protecting vitality of the pulp
  24. Ivoclar Vivadent Plaque Test Refill 1 x 11g
    Ivoclar Vivadent Plaque Test Refill 1 x 11g
    Fluorescent disclosing liquid
    Ivoclar Vivadent
    Regular Price ₹1,490 Special Price ₹1,287 As low as ₹1,214
    Fluorescent under polymerization lights
    Only the plaque areas glow
  25. Ivoclar Vivadent Helioseal Clear - Assortment & Refill
    Transparent Fissure Sealant
    Ivoclar Vivadent

    From ₹914

    Easy to check for changes under sealant
    Low viscosity; Excellent esthetics
  26. Deor Fluorol Gel
    Fluoride Gel

    From ₹379

    Arrest cavities
    Promotes re-mineralisation
  27. Fluoride Thermocol Tray Peado
    Fluoride Thermocol Tray Peado
    Regular Price ₹656 Special Price ₹643 As low as ₹597
  28. Dentsply Delton FS+ Sealant Complete Kit Opaque
    Dentsply Delton FS+ Sealant Complete Kit Opaque
    Pit & Fissure Sealant
    Regular Price ₹2,409 Special Price ₹2,360 As low as ₹2,266
    Quick and simple technique
    Opaque Colored
  29. Hager Mira-2-Ton Disclosing Solution
    Hager Mira-2-Ton Disclosing Solution
    Plaque Test Solution
    Hager & Werken
    Regular Price ₹1,450 Special Price ₹1,396
    Chewable tablet or solution
  30. Biorepair Stomysens Desensitizer
    Biorepair Stomysens Desensitizer
    Regular Price ₹5,050 Special Price ₹4,295 As low as ₹3,975
    Prolonged desensitisation.
    Remineralisation of tooth enamel.
  31. Stim Hoplin
    Stim Hoplin
    Anti caries
    Anti palque
  32. Deor Foam Tray

    From ₹675

    Easy to handle
  33. Medicept Dental Protect Pit and Fissure Sealant
    Medicept Dental Protect Pit and Fissure Sealant
    Pit and Fissure Sealant
    Medicept Dental
    Regular Price ₹800 Special Price ₹624 As low as ₹580
    Able to flow into occlusal grooves
    Doesn’t run after placement
  34. Neelkanth Caries Revealing Dye
    Neelkanth Caries Revealing Dye
    Caries Detector
    Regular Price ₹270 Special Price ₹244 As low as ₹215
  35. Ammdent Flurosolve
    Ammdent Flurosolve
    Regular Price ₹508 Special Price ₹359 As low as ₹331
    Out of stock
  36. Septodont Fluocal Gel
    Septodont Fluocal Gel
    Dental Gel For Topical Application
    Regular Price ₹1,000 Special Price ₹971 As low as ₹877
    Prevent Dental Caries
    Rampant Dental Caries
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Buy Preventive Dentistry Products Online in india


Dental decay seems to be the most common chronic disease in the world. The understanding of the etiopathogenesis carious lesions has greatly helped in devising methods to prevent the onset of caries and if initiated, prevent the progression of the lesion. Preventive dentistry deals with the measures taken by the dentist to anticipate, prevent and treat dental health problems at an early stage.

What are the materials used in preventive dentistry?

Prevention of dental decay is carried out by identifying the the criteria that make the tooth susceptible to carious degeneration. These may be morphological such as the presence of pits and fissures in the teeth, factors such as pH of the saliva and amount of remineralization by fluoride. Based on these the materials may be categorized as:

  • Pit & Fissure Sealants
  • Fluoridation
  • Caries Detectors/ Control



Developmental pits and fissures are anatomical features that promote bacterial accumulation and metabolism, which results in dissolution of the crystalline structure of the tooth. To prevent the colonization of bacteria in these sites, pit and fissure sealants can be used to eliminate them and therefore reduce the risk of dental caries. Ergo, pit and fissure sealants may be considered as materials that are introduced into the developmental pits and fissures of caries susceptible teeth, forming a micromechanically bonded protective layer that cuts the access of caries producing bacteria from their nutrient sources.



The advantageous effects of fluoride on teeth have been reiterated time and again. Fluoride aids in remineralization of the tooth structure by the formation and incorporation of fluorapatite into the tooth. This phosphate mineral is less soluble than calcium hydroxyapatite, even under acidic conditions. Steps such as water fluoridation, salt fluoridation, milk fluoridation and others have been taken to ensure proper supply of fluoride. Nonetheless, topical fluoride applications have proven to be a highly efficacious method in incorporating fluoride into the teeth.

Fluoride varnishes such as Fluor Protector have been used in application of topical fluoride. Fluoride gels used in conjunction with foam trays have been used in topical application of fluoride to the entire dental arches.



Means to help anticipate the onset of dental caries or locate the areas where the lesion has developed are highly beneficial in early intervention. Products such as the GC Saliva check kit allows the dentist to assess the salivary production rate, the pH of the saliva, the buffering capacity and other factors which are valuable in predicting the probability of formation of caries lesions. Caries detection dyes help identify carious lesions in their incipient stage.


What is the importance of preventive dentistry?

The age-old proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has been taught to everyone to realize the importance of maintaining good health. Rather than looking for cures, preventive dentistry focuses on eliminating the factors that may cause dental ailments. Especially since patients can be affected by dental problems without having any pain, regular visits to the dentist and receiving preventive treatment such as topical fluoridation can result in a healthier and longer life span of the teeth.


What are the preventive dentistry materials available online?

Brands such as 3M ESPE, Ammdent, Danville, DR Toms, GC, Heraeus Kulzer, Ivoclar Vivadent, Kuraray are some of the many brands selling preventive dental materials online at Products such as pit and fissure sealants, topical fluoride varnishes, topical fluoride gels, caries detection dyes, saliva tests kits and a few others are being sold online.


Why buy preventive dental materials from

PinkBlue focuses on revolutionizing the dental materials supply chain by providing products of standard quality at the best rates available online. Having over 20 brands selling preventive dental materials, dentists have a wide range of products to choose from, that would best suit their needs.  The products are procured from reliable manufacturers and importers in the country and are delivered within the stipulated time frame. Having various forms of payment including credit card, debit card, net banking and cash on delivery, buying quality dental materials online has been made possible in just a few simple steps.