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Looking for a quick resolution? We might have solved a similar issue before. Take a look at the FAQs below to see if any of our standard processes can get you to a quicker resolution.

Support FAQs

Ordering related queries

I am looking to place an order. How do I go about it?


We work like any other e-commerce platform which you may have experienced, say a Flipkart or Amazon. You can first “SIGN UP”, then add products of interest to the cart, and then checkout with your address and payment preferences.

Not very comfortable online yet. Can I get some help in placing my order?


Yes, PinkBlue is a medical/dental supplies provider, not just an e-commerce company. In case you have concerns about placing orders online, we have our sales teams in multiple cities, and our phone support teams available throughout the day to help you place your orders. If you want to place your orders on call, please reach us at +91 94 832 832 32. Our support team will guide you through the process. You can even schedule periodic calls to place your orders regularly offline.

I have placed an order through call. How do I know if its placed right?


Once your order is received, it goes through the same processes which all our online orders go through. Your order confirmation as well as your continuous order statuses will reach you on mail and through SMSs as your order gets processed. You can also reach us at our support helpline or at

I have just placed an order with PinkBlue. When will I get it?


Date of delivery for your order depends primarily on the type of products which you have ordered and how long it takes for PinkBlue to ship those products out, and your Pincode. You can find out about how long it takes to ship a product, on the product page itself, where the usual shipping timelines are mentioned. Shipment partner is chosen based on the service effectiveness in your geography, and other related parameters. A shipment plan gets generated for every order within one working day of the order, and the same keeps getting updated with more accurate information till the time of delivery. You can go to Track order anytime, to know the current status of your order. You can also reach out to our support team for more updates, if needed.

I ordered some items quite some time back, but I haven’t received anything yet, nor am I getting any updates about the order. What should I do?


Please check the Track order page against your order, to get more details about your order. This page gets updated usually within one working day of your order. There are rare cases where your order needs validation, for which you would be reached out to within one working day, to complete the validation process. In a very rare scenario, where neither of these have happened, please reach our support team to escalate the same, through or 9483283232.

I had placed an order for an urgent requirement. When will I get it?


We strongly recommend our customers to plan their material requirements ahead of schedule, to ensure minimum impact on patient schedules, in case of any shipment partner delays. But, in unavoidable scenarios, please reach out to our support team for help in getting your products across to you faster.

I want to place an order for an urgent requirement. Can you get it delivered faster?


Please reach our support team to understand the availability and shipping timelines for the products which you are looking for, to confirm if it meets your needs, before placing the order.

Shipment related queries

I got an intimation that my order was shipped quite some time back, but I haven’t received it yet. What should I do?


Our logistics teams automatically follow-up for delayed shipments and escalate with the logistics teams of our shipment partners. But, you can raise it without support team through an email or call, to be doubly sure that the shipment delay is getting resolved quickly, and your shipment is getting delivered.

I ordered quite a few products, but received only a few of them in the shipment which got delivered to me. What should I do?


While most of the fast-moving products are stored at PinkBlue warehouses, there are certain slow-moving products which are procured against your orders, to ensure freshness of stock. When we run into such scenarios, we split your orders into two (or in some rare cases, more) shipments. In such a case, you will get clear communication about which products and how many quantities are being shipped out to you, and the invoice attached to the shipment will carry only those product details. In case the invoice and the shipment matches, then there is nothing to worry. Your other products might already be on their way, as part of a different shipment. In case the invoice and shipment doesn’t match, please raise it to our support team immediately. You can share a photo of an invoice and the shipment by mail to

I received a shipment recently, but the invoice and what is in the shipment are not matching. What should I do?


Please share a snapshot of the invoice and the shipment to Our support team will reach out to you, to resolve the same quickly.

I received a shipment against my order, but it contains some other products which were not ordered by me. What should I do?


Please share a snapshot of the invoice and the shipment with us at Our support team will reach out to you, to resolve the issue, and get the right products sent to you ASAP.

I received a shipment which has some products which are about to expire in the next couple of months. What should I do?


We do not ship products which have shelf lives of less than twelve months, except in cases of rare products where the full shelf life itself is low. In case you received a near-expiry product, please share a snapshot of the product with the expiry information clearly visible along with the order id, to Our support team will reach out to you, to get it replaced with a fresher product quickly.

I received a shipment against my order, but the shipment seems to be damaged. What do I do?


In case the shipment looks damaged from outside, please reject the shipment and intimate our Support team about the same. We will arrange for a new shipment to be sent to you in its place. In case the shipment package looks good outside, but a product is damaged is inside, please raise the same with our Support team, by mailing the details to along with a snapshot of the damaged products. Our Support team will reach out to you to pick up the damaged products and to send across a replacement shipment to you.

Support Reachability Issues

I want to get immediate support to resolve a serious issue. What should I do?


Please reach our support team at +91 94832 83232 during work hours, from Monday to Saturday. They will be able to assist you immediately in solving any problems which you face with your PinkBlue orders.

I want to talk to someone in your Support team. But, your number is always busy or not reachable. What should I do?


In case our numbers are busy for some reason while you are calling, we have processes to call you back within one working day from the time of your call. This can happen when all our Support agents are busy. Calling later might help you to get through as well. Please drop a line at in case you are not able to get through, after multiple attempts. A Support team member will get in touch with you to resolve the issue.

Service and Warranty Issues

A device I bought from you has stopped working. What do I do?


All service and warranty related issues related to all products sold by PinkBlue are handled directly by the corresponding Manufacturers/Importers. In case you have not received the details of the Manufacturer/Importer, please reach out to our Support team to get the same info. You can directly coordinate with them for service/warranty post the same. In cases where you need help in coordinating with the Manufacturer/Importer, where a particular issue has been dragging for too long, PinkBlue Support team may step in to coordinate for a faster resolution of the issue.

A device bought from you is damaged/stopped working/needs service. Can I return it to you and get a refund?


Returns, warranty and service of all devices sold on PinkBlue are controlled directly by the Manufacturer/Importer. If the manufacturer has a return policy against such a device for the specific issue faced by you, you may be able to return the same to the manufacturer directly. PinkBlue does not control this process, and hence would not be able to take direct returns of any devices. We typically just coordinate with the manufacturer to resolve any device service issues cleanly.



You could also reach out to us at or call at (+91) 94832-83232