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Buy Dental Amalgamators Online in India



Amalgam is one of the oldest restorative materials used in modern dentistry. The use of dental amalgams for restorative purposes was made popular by Dr G.V. Black, whose formulation of amalgam from 1896 is almost unchanged till date. Amalgams have been shown to have great clinical performance in well prepared cavities. An undercut preparation is done to aid the retention of the amalgam restoration. Dental amalgams have a self-sealing ability which enhances the integrity of the restoration and reduces the chances of microleakage and secondary caries. Over the years, with the advent of various other restorative materials the use of dental amalgams has dropped. Nonetheless, no adequate and economical alternative for amalgams has been developed for restoring carious lesions in high load bearing areas.


What are dental amalgamators?

The alloy powder and mercury are mixed together to form the silver amalgam. Traditionally, this process was carried out by hand, using a mortar and pestle. The process of mixing the alloy powder and mercury is called ‘trituration’. Advances in dentistry led to the invention of the dental amalgamator, which is a specially designed machine to triturate or amalgamate the alloy and mercury. The amalgamators have a cradle to hold the amalgam capsule. A cradle cover is present. The panel on the device has controls for the timer and variations in speed. The pre-weighed capsules contain an ideal ratio of alloy powder and mercury. These capsules are placed in the amalgamator to and trituration for a period of 10 – 15 seconds delivers a uniform mix of dental amalgam. The settings on the amalgamator must correspond to the type of dental alloy that is used.


What are the objectives of trituration of amalgam? 

  • To achieve a workable mass of dental amalgam in a short span of time
  • Removal of the oxide layer
  • Pulverization of pellets into particles that react easily with mercury.
  • To reduce the particle size
  • Ensure a minimal amount of gamma-1 or gamma-2 matrix crystal and yet evenly distributed.


Manipulation of amalgam using amalgamators: 

Amalgamators provide a fast and formed mix of dental amalgam when compared to traditional hand trituration techniques.


Capsule composition sizes: 

Manufacturers supply capsules containing premeasured amounts of alloy and mercury.

Alloy powder is commonly suppled in amounts of 400, 600 or 800 mg. For large sized cavities capsules having 1200 mg of alloy are available. The appropriate amount of mercury corresponding to the alloy powder is incorporated in the capsule.


Amalgamator Speed: 

Amalgamators function at different speeds to ensure proper mix of different types of alloy compositions. The following are the speeds at which amalgamators operate:

  • Low Speed                                                    - 32 – 3400 cpm         
  • Medium Speed                                             - 37 – 3800 cpm
  • High Speed                                                   - 40 – 4400 cpm



Alloys of different composition are triturated at different speeds as follows:


Alloy Type

Trituration Speed

Spherical/Irregular Low copper alloys

Low speed

High copper alloys

High speed


Manufacturers’ instructions are to be followed to achieve an optimal mix of dental amalgam.


The time of trituration ranges from 3 – 30 seconds. 10 – 15 seconds is the usual time of amalgamation. Care should be taken while setting the time as variations even by 2-3 seconds can result in an under or over mixed mass.


Appearance of different mixes of amalgam


Alloy is dull, dry and crumbles if dropped from 30 cm approximately

Normal Mix

Shiny appearance and separates in a single mass from the capsule


Alloy is hot and hard to remove from capsule; it is shiny and soft


 Trituration and Properties of Amalgam:


  • Working time :-  Decreases with over-trituration
  • Dimensional changes :-  Higher contraction with over-trituration
  • Compressive strength :-


  • Irregular shaped alloys                - Increases with over-trituration
  • Spherical alloys                            - Highest at normal trituration


  • Creep :-


  • Over-trituration                              - Increases creep
  • Under-trituration                           - Decreases creep



What are the brands selling dental amalgamators online in India?

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