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  1. Oro Autoclave Impression Tray Assorted
    Special Price ₹400
    As low as ₹364
    Ergonomic design
    Uniquely design trays
  2. Samit Metal Dentulous Impression Trays

    From ₹76

    As low as ₹68

    Available in different sizes
  3. Capri Bite Registration & Impression Trays

    From ₹332

    As low as ₹296

    Helps increase accuracy
    Simultaneously obtain bite registration & impression
  4. Denmax Perforated Impression Trays

    From ₹190

    As low as ₹166

  5. Impression Trays
    Impression Trays

    From ₹36

    As low as ₹33

    Out of stock
  6. Dispodent Double Arch Impression Trays - 50 Pack

    From ₹570

    As low as ₹527

    For counter impressions and bite registrations
    Thin mesh does not affect the bite
  7. Hager Miratray Implant

    From ₹3960

    As low as ₹3591

  8. Green Guava Impression Trays

    From ₹271

    As low as ₹242

    Reusable after autoclaving
    Smoother surface for patient comfort
    Out of stock
  9. DenSafe Impression Trays

    From ₹200

    As low as ₹179

  10. Oro Bite Registration Tray

    From ₹565

    As low as ₹507

    Robust construction
    Polished plastic
  11. Dentaurum O - Tray Impression Trays

    From ₹95

    As low as ₹95

    Deep Vertical Walls
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Buy Dental Impression Trays Online in India



An impression tray in dentistry, is a device that is used to carry, confine and control the impression material while making the dental impression. Dental impressions are made for the fabrication of appliances, prostheses and for use as a diagnostic or study model. These dental instruments aid the dentist in making impressions of the dental arches.


What are the parts of an impression tray?

Generally, impression trays have the following parts: 

  • Body:
    • Flanges
    • Floor


  • Handle


The upper and lower arch impression trays are indicated for impressions in the respective dental arches. The maxillary impression tray has a palatal portion called the vault and the mandibular impression tray consists of lingual flanges and a space for the tongue. The handle of the impression tray is an extension from the union of the labial flange and the floor of the tray. It is present in the midline of the tray. The handle of the impression tray is “L” shaped, which reduces the interference with the lip during impression making procedures.


What are the different types of impression trays?

Impression trays can be classified based on different factors such as the tray material, presence of perforations, dentulous or edentulous arches, the arch intended for use and whether they are prefabricated or custom made.


Based on the presence or absence of teeth: 

Dentulous Impression Trays: 

Stock trays for dentulous patients are generally square shaped. Dentulous trays can be distinguished from edentulous trays by their long flanges, and a wide and flat floor.


Edentulous Impression Trays: 

Edentulous stock trays are oval in shape. They have short flanges and have a narrow floor.


Based on the presence of perforations: 

Perforated Impression Trays: 

Stainless steel impression trays with perforations are the most popular type of dental impression trays. Retention of the impression material is assured by the holes over the surface of the tray. The rim on the back edge of the tray stops any of the impression material from escaping it, thereby preventing the unpleasant experience of excess impression material entering the oropharynx. 


Non-Perforated Impression Trays: 

Non-perforated dental trays are indicated in impression procedures involving the use of impression materials such as impression compound. These trays are most commonly employed in edentulous patients.


The other classifications of impression trays include prefabricated trays, custom trays (special tray), metal tray, plastic tray, maxillary and mandibular trays and triple trays.


What are the brands selling dental impression tray online in India?

Capri, GDC, Dispodent, Ortho Tech, IDS Denmed, Cat, Astek, Top Dent, GC, Neelkanth, Green Guava, Angelus, Densafe, Hager and Oro are some of the brands that sell dental impression trays online at


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