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  1. Zhermack Tropicalgin Alginate 453g (1 Pack)
    Zhermack Tropicalgin Alginate 453g (1 Pack)
    Regular Price ₹375 Special Price ₹320
    Easy mixing
    Fast water absorption
  2. Infri Dental Fluoride Trays

    From ₹633

    As low as ₹586

    Color coded
    High quality
  3. Maquira Retractor

    From ₹930

    As low as ₹862

    100% cotton
    More flexible
  4. Infri Dental Impression Trays

    From ₹206

    As low as ₹184

    Rigid trays
    High quality materials
  5. Maquira Autoclavable Plastic Impression Tray

    From ₹415

    As low as ₹363

    Rounded and smooth edges
    Extra internal retention gutter
  6. Zhermack Zetaplus Putty And Kit

    From ₹310

    As low as ₹284

    Reduces mucous compression in insertion phase
    Excellent hardness after setting
  7. Dentsply Zelgan 2002 Alginate 450g
    Dentsply Zelgan 2002 Alginate 450g
    Regular Price ₹311 Special Price ₹216
    Dust-free alginate impression material
    Complies with ISO 1563 and EN 21563
    Regular Price ₹11850 Special Price ₹7264
    As low as ₹7057
  9. Ivoclar Virtual Putty - Refills

    From ₹7938

    As low as ₹7409

    Excellent adaptation to moist hard and soft tissues
    Exceptional readability and precision
  10. GC Flexceed Putty And Kit

    From ₹1025

    As low as ₹1025

    More hydrophilic
    Highest tear strength
  11. Neosilk Putty and Kit

    From ₹588

    As low as ₹588

    Addition Silicone Elastomers
    High Affinity
  12. DPI Algitex

    From ₹140

    As low as ₹133

    Lead Free
    Excellent Dimensional Stability
  13. 3M ESPE Soft Putty

    From ₹2829

    As low as ₹2758

    Easy Mix with soft handling
    Accurate & Dimensionally stable
  14. Samit Metal Dentulous Impression Trays

    From ₹73

    As low as ₹65

    Available in different sizes
  15. Prime Dental Algin Gum
    Prime Dental Algin Gum
    Regular Price ₹232 Special Price ₹230
    As low as ₹222
    Alginate impression material.
    Dust free
    Out of stock
  16. Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty and Kit

    From ₹1843

    As low as ₹1791

    Very high viscosity impression material
    Optimum flexibility for easy removal from undercuts
  17. DPI Photosil Soft Putty

    From ₹685

    As low as ₹685

    Standard & Quick Setting Time
    High resistance to inorganic chemicals
  18. DenSafe Impression Trays

    From ₹182

    As low as ₹165

  19. Zhermack Neocolloid Alginate 500g
    Zhermack Neocolloid Alginate 500g
    Regular Price ₹575 Special Price ₹471
    As low as ₹457
    Easy mixing
    Fast water absorption
  20. Zhermack Elite HD+ Soft Putty

    From ₹1404

    As low as ₹1404

    3 year shelf life
    Excellent elastic recovery
  21. Coltene Speedex Putty and Activator

    From ₹546

    As low as ₹546

    Outstanding wettability
  22. DPI Imprint

    From ₹146

    As low as ₹142

    Satin Textured
    Micro Cellular Alginate Powder
  23. Zhermack Hydrogum Soft Alginate 453g
    Zhermack Hydrogum Soft Alginate 453g
    Regular Price ₹375 Special Price ₹350
    As low as ₹333
    Fast working and setting times
    Homogenous mass, smooth, compact surfaces
  24. 3M ESPE Alginate Impressioning Material
    3M ESPE Alginate Impressioning Material
    Regular Price ₹505 Special Price ₹386
    As low as ₹363
  25. DPI Impression Paste
    DPI Impression Paste
    Regular Price ₹555 Special Price ₹450
    Out of stock
  26. DMG Honigum Putty And Kit

    From ₹1867

    As low as ₹1811

    Unique snap set technology
    Excellent recovery
  27. Dentsply Aquasil Ultra Cartridges - Wash/ Tray Materials

    From ₹4389

    As low as ₹4389

    Excellent hydrophilic properties
    Dimensional accuracy
  28. LD Retraction Cord

    From ₹440

    As low as ₹440

    No memory
    Available in five color
  29. Oro Autoclave Impression Tray Assorted
    Oro Autoclave Impression Tray Assorted
    Regular Price ₹420 Special Price ₹378
    As low as ₹336
    Ergonomic design
    Uniquely design trays
  30. DPI Selfcure Tooth Moulding Powder

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹144

    Close reproduction to natural tooth
    Self Cure
  31. Sure Endo Suredent Sure Cord Plus

    From ₹894

    As low as ₹828

    Accurate impression
    Lint free
  32. Prevest Denpro Hiflex Silky Touch Putty

    From ₹1135

    As low as ₹1135

    Tear strength
    Dimensional stability
    Out of stock
  33. Major Algin Plus
    Major Algin Plus
    Regular Price ₹375 Special Price ₹267
    As low as ₹253
    Chromatic indication
    Excellent stability
    Out of stock
  34. Prime Dental Ad-Sil Soft Putty + Light Body
    Prime Dental Ad-Sil Soft Putty + Light Body
    Regular Price ₹2932 Special Price ₹2620
    As low as ₹2427
    Addition silicon impression material
    Soft Putty & Light Body
  35. 3M ESPE Monophase (Soft) Polyether Impression Material

    From ₹4621

    As low as ₹4495

    Precise, void-free impressions
    Excellent flow properties - great detail reproduction
  36. Medicept Dental Extreme Putty and Lite

    From ₹1674

    As low as ₹1532

    Short intraoral setting time
    Apllication of putty and tray material together
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Buy Impression Materials Online In India



Following history taking and clinical examination, impressions of the dental arches are made by the clinician, in order to make working or study models. Agar hydrocolloid was the first impression material to be successfully used in dentistry. Making perfect dental impressions is an important step in treatment involving replacement of missing teeth and also other specialties such as orthodontics. Choosing the right materials and good technique, aids in making appropriate impressions. Over the years, research in dental material science has resulted in the invention of various impression materials to suit different clinical scenarios.


What are the different types of impression materials?

The impression materials used in dentistry can be classified under various heads. Based on the mode of setting, they are classified as thermal setting and chemical setting. Thermally setting materials are reversible while the chemically setting ones are irreversible. On the basis of rigidity, they might be categorized as rigid, such as impression plaster and impression compound, and elastic such as alginate and elastomeric impression materials.



Alginate is a widely used dental impression material. It is an irreversible elastic hydrocolloid which is a mucous extract yielded from some brown sea weeds. Alginates are used to make preliminary impressions for dentulous and edentulous patients. The types of alginate include fast set (type 1) and normal set (type 2).


Working time :- 

  • Type 1 - 1¼ minutes
  • Type 2 - 2 minutes


Setting time :- 

  • Type 1 - 1-2 minutes
  • Type 2 – 4½ minutes


Chromatic alginates change color during the mixing and setting phases to help the dentist keep track of the process.

Modifications in alginates include dust free alginates, siliconized alginates and alginates containing disinfectants.



Elastomers also known as rubber base impression materials are a group of rubber like polymers have high accuracy in impression making. The types of elastomeric impression materials are:


  • Silicones
  • Polyether
  • Polysulfide

Silicones are of two types; Addition silicone and Condensation silicone, classified based on the type of polymerization reaction that takes place during the setting process.

Elastomers are available in different consistencies ranging from light body to putty like consistency. Some of the frequently used putty materials include Novabone putty and Aquasil putty. Light body elastomeric impression materials are used in conjunction with putty materials while making the impression, to record the finer details as they have better flow properties.



Impression compounds are thermally setting, reversible impression materials. They are thermoplastic materials, available in the form of cakes or sticks. The impression compound cakes are used in making full mouth impressions. The sticks are usually used in border moulding, to record the functional depth and width of the sulci, before making the final wash impression. 

They are made up of resins, filler particles and lubricants. Since they are thermoplastic materials no chemical reaction takes place during setting. The advantages of using impression compound include reusability, biocompatibility and long shelf life. However, the due to the poor dimensional stability, their use has been restricted to making preliminary impressions and tray borders.



Impression trays are instruments which are used to carry, confine and control the impression material inside the patients’ oral cavity. They may be classified under various heads such as materials from which they are made of, perforations to facilitate flow of the impression materials, whether they are used for dentulous or edentulous patients and based on extent of the impression i.e. full arch or sectional impressions. Triple trays are used to make impressions of the opposing arches in a single step, using the closed mouth impression technique.

Tray adhesives are used to adhere the impression material to the tray since they do not have adhesive properties. Usage of tray adhesives is recommended while making impressions using rubber base impression materials 

A challenging aspect of impression making in crown and bridge preparations is management of the gingival tissues. For this reason, tissue retraction cords and pastes are available which helps in recording the finish lines better.


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