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The requirement for style in dentistry has radically expanded from previous circumstances. More up to date techniques and apparatuses are utilized as a part of dentistry to upgrade style. Undetectable braces are a well-known idea settled in the minds of all orthodontists. The establishment of lingual orthodontics was given by Dr Craven Kurz in the year 1975. He utilized the lingual reinforced edgewise apparatus by adjusting labial brackets. Ormco, in 1976 started innovative work of lingual sections with Dr.Alexander Wildman. From that point, Dr Kurz and Ormco changed a fantasy of undetectable props into a reality.


Efficacy of Lingual Appliance Therapy:

Lingual treatment has evident advantages over labial treatment for the patient: no harm to labial or buccal surfaces of the teeth, no labial or buccal gingival hypertrophy or gingivitis, and better perception of tooth arrangement and facial shapes. 

By a similar token, lingual treatment has inalienable disservices over labial treatment. Brackets are joined to extremely irregular and conflicting lingual surfaces, which are not the surfaces to be adjusted. Moreover, lingual braces are cantilevered a considerable separation from the labial surfaces, making the vertical tallness of the brackets fluctuate with the torque point of the labial surfaces and furthermore making torquing changes influence the torque of the labial surfaces as well as their heights. These elements make coordinate arrangement of preangulated, pretorqued lingual brackets extremely incorrect, particularly on maxillary anterior teeth; mandibular foremost teeth are not all that variable. More exact placement of lingual brackets with predictable and precise indirect bonding can resolve these impediments. 

It has been demonstrated that a lingual braces can have an indistinguishable ability to adjust the teeth similar to the labial bracket system. The simple lingual arrangement of labial brackets, tubes, and arch wires with minor changes has not ended up being a palatable arrangement. Or maybe, the planning of a totally new appliance framework has been important to meet the mechanical necessities inherent to the lingual condition. This designing test has fundamentally been met with the Conceal occlusal-space lingual bracket framework. Without a doubt, refinements in the machine framework will be made as the science evolves and its utilization grows at last to make lingual treatment as regular as labial treatment.


Generations of lingual braces: 

The following are the features of the various generations of lingual braces:


First generation lingual braces: 

  • Flat maxillary occlusal bite
  • Lower incisor and premolar bracket had low profile
  • No hooks


Second generation lingual braces: 

  • Introduced in 1980
  • Hooks added to canine brackets


Third generation lingual brackets: 

  • Introduced in 1981
  • Hoods added to all anteriors and premolar brackets
  • Internal hook added to first molar bracket.


Fourth generation lingual braces: 

  • Introduced in 1982
  • Addition of low profile anterior inclined plane
  • Optional hooks


Fifth generation lingual braces: 

  • More pronounced anterior inclined plane
  • Increase in labial torque in the maxillary anterior region
  • Attachment for transpalatal arch was provided


Sixth generation lingual braces: 

  • Introduced in 1987
  • Incline plane made more square in shape
  • Hooks on anteriors and premolars elongated
  • Hooks on all brackets


Seventh generation lingual braces: 

  • Currently used; introduced in 1990
  • Maxillary anterior inclined plane made heart shape with short hooks
  • Premolar brackets widened mesiodistally and hooks shortened


Advantages of using lingual brackets: 

  • Labial surface of anterior teeth plays major role in esthetics
  • Labially placed brackets make enamel more prone to demineralization
  • Permanent decalcification marks are avoided labially
  • Clinical judgement can be enhanced
  • Evaluation of individual tooth position can be accomplished
  • Soft tissue responses of lips and cheeks to treatment can be judged


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