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  1. D Tech Restore Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC)

    From ₹372

    As low as ₹363

    Aesthetic looks
    Fluoride release
  2. D-Tech Etch
    D-Tech Etch
    Regular Price ₹160 Special Price ₹158
    37% phosphoric acid gel
    Silica free
  3. D-Tech Lute Glass
    D-Tech Lute Glass
    Regular Price ₹550 Special Price ₹382
    Excellent adhesion of prosthesis
    Releases fluoride
  4. D-Tech Iono Set
    D-Tech Iono Set
    Regular Price ₹350 Special Price ₹347
    Can be used for Luting and Restoration
  5. D-Tech Cal-Plus
    Special Price ₹160
    For pulp capping only
    Ready to use
  6. D-Tech Compo Flo

    From ₹327

    As low as ₹298

    Low Shrinkage
    Highly Biocompatible
    Out of stock
  7. D-Tech Root Prep

    From ₹220

    As low as ₹201

    High chelation value
    High water solubility
  8. D-Tech EZ White
    D-Tech EZ White
    Regular Price ₹375 Special Price ₹371
    Viscous Formula
    Quick Whitening
  9. D-Tech Cem Zinc
    Special Price ₹325
    Low Solubility
  10. D-Tech Restore + Condensable
    D-Tech Restore + Condensable
    Regular Price ₹1050 Special Price ₹1044
    Good Translucency
    Good Aesthetics
    Out of stock
  11. D-Tech EDTA Gel
    Special Price ₹150
    EDTA Gel
    3g Syringe
    Out of stock
  12. D-Tech Gingi Bloc
    D-Tech Gingi Bloc
    Regular Price ₹300 Special Price ₹291
    Light curing gingival resin barrier
    Protects soft tissue
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