Skanray Intraskan DC Dental X Ray Wall Mount

Near zero leakage radiation
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Skanray Intraskan DC Dental X ray Wall Mount 24 inch 1 Unit Arm Length- 24 inch
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Skanray Intraskan DC Dental X Ray - Floor Mount 1 Unit
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Skanray Intraskan DC Dental X ray Wall Mount 15 inch 1 Unit Arm Length- 15 inch
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Skanray Intraskan DC Dental X-ray machine provides high quality intraoral diagnostic radiography. With Innovative technologies and most modern dual microprocessors, Intraskan DC is equipped to enhance the clinician and patients’ convenience. The smooth and drift-free positioner allows you to trigger the exposure from a distance without the concern of shift in image position. Its sleek console with graphical LCD, displays exposure parameters, mode of operations and self-diagnostic messages. Some of its features are mentioned below - 

  • Near zero leakage radiation.
  • 3 point control - kV, mA & ms.
  • 50-70 kV range in steps of 1kV.
  • 4-8 mA range in steps of 1mA.
  • Perfectly balanced zero-drift scissor arm.
  • Operator console with APR.


* High Frequency: Intraskan DC offers a good image quality with a minimum frequency produced by the 100 kHz digital generator. Compared to conventional AC machines, DC system reduces harmful soft radiation.

* SkanShield: Radiation leakage is negligible with its unique patented shielding technology. It ensures protection of the clinicians and patients from unwanted radiation.

* SkanSafe: Skanray uses its advanced technology to fulfil its commitment to safety. The precise digital control to eliminate soft radiation. Skanray products are engineered to meet the global safety and protection standards ensuring safety of the user and equipment in the entire operating range.

* Easy to Use: The sleek design of the X-ray tube head combined with an in-built short cone, enables the machine to position at any angle and direction with ease to get good images.

* The drift-free and smooth positioner allows to trigger the exposure from a distance without worrying a shift in beam position during exposure. The long scissor arms permit the clinician to reach to two patients on adjacent chairs. The clinician can also opt for a longer arm for extended reach to cater special radiographic requirements.

* It has Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR) and user selectable exposure settings, programmable through USB interface from the computer

* The unit draws clean power from the mains and consumes negligible energy in standby mode. It conserves energy with reduced exposure time as compared to AC machines. The system is operable with consistent image quality, virtually anywhere in the world with a power source from 99V to 253V, 60/50 Hz.

Floor Mount variant available as well. Click Here to know more