Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Pricing


What is bulk pricing?

Bulk pricing has been introduced to provide even more attractive prices for your most favourite products.

One of's guiding principles has been to give transparent and highly competitive prices to you on every single product you purchase at a single-unit level. While we have been able to build a high level of reliability around our prices, we believe we can do better – especially on your favourite products. Bulk pricing is a way of ensuring that we give you even more attractive prices, when you want higher volumes of a particular product.

This way, you don’t have to worry about ordering from multiple places anymore. One stop, which offers you every dental product at the best of prices, for every need of yours.


Where do I find the details about the bulk prices available?

The bulk prices, where applicable, are shown in a mini-table in the product page. The table shows the quantities which you have to purchase to avail the discounted prices, and the per-unit discounted price.

You can also see the total bulk purchase savings you are getting, right under the effective price.


How do I avail bulk prices?

Bulk prices automatically apply based on the quantities you purchase. This is in line with our principles of transparent pricing. In case of products which you use regularly, adjust your order quantities based on the bulk price tiers, to avail bulk price savings.

A word of caution: Avail bulk prices only on products which you regularly use. For other products, please stick to your monthly requirements. We hate wastage – and we would be very unhappy if you buy more to avail bulk prices and lose them to expiries later.


Does it make a difference to me? Why should I bother?

If you think PinkBlue has got great prices on most products, but not on my favourite ones. And, if you think that when it comes to my files or putty or GIC, I will directly buy from the company as they would provide better prices, this will definitely make a difference to you.

On top of working with every dental company worth its salt, we have gone the extra mile to replicate quantity-based discounts to match your needs through the bulk pricing feature. So, now you really don’t have to call multiple people or wait for that quintessential sales visit. Just PinkBlue it.


I am looking for much larger quantities and its not covered in the bulk prices offered. Can I get even better prices?

In case your requirements are much higher than the bulk price tiers offered by us, feel free to reach out to us at or +91 94832 83232 with your specific requirements. Our team will provide a customized quote for your requirement.


I am still not clear about bulk prices. How do I get more details?

Please reach out to our Support team at or +91 94832 83232 to get all the details you may need about bulk prices.