NSK Ipex II Apex Locator

4th Generation
Multiple Frequency Technology
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NSK Ipex II is a high precision Apex Locator used to measure the working length of the root canal by using SmartLogic. NSK iPex II can easily be set and used in any environment as it is light weighted and with a base just 6cm in diameter. LCD panel inclined at a perfect angle ensures safe and smooth root canal procedures and allows the Clinicians to complete their task easily without any distractions. The LCD display panel with minimal reflectivity is easier for the Clinician to view from an operating stance. NSK created SmartLogic, as a result of numerous clinical trials and verification tests as base. SmartLogic is the next generation Apex Locator which is compatible with various tooth structures and provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex. The iPex II Apex Locator can provide a clear image of the location of the file tip on its LCD panel.



  • Automatic detection of Apex accurately under any conditions such as wet or dry
  • High-precision root canal measurement generated by using SmartLogic
  • Its stylish and compact body only require little space and can be located on the dental equipment console
  • To ensure the precision of the procedures, there are three different sounds to alert the clinicians depending on the location of the file tip in the canal
  • Three coloured, low reflective, large LCD panel display which allows clinicians to instantly and accurately monitor procedures
  • User friendly
  • Low operational cost
  • Accuracy in dry and wet canal
  • Energy saving
  • Multi-frequency measuring technology
  • Audio warning system
  • Auto power shut-off
  • Approximately 60 hours of continuous use

1. LCD Panel: Displays the position of the file tip, remaining battery level and alarm sound volume

2. Power Key:  When the Power Key is pressed, the power turns ON sounding an alarm, then the LCD panel lights up. When the Power Key is pressed for approximately one second or longer while the power is ON, the power and the LCD panel turns OFF.

3. Alarm Key: When the Alarm Key is pressed, the alarm audio volume can be adjusted (rotation of OFF->Low -> Medium -> High)

4. Probe Connector: Connector of the probe is attached

5. Battery Cover: Secures dry cell batteries in place

6. Battery Cover Screw: Prevents battery cover from detaching