Morita Root ZX Mini Apex Locator (with Cashback)

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Multiple Frequency Technology
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Package Contents: 1 x Morita Root ZX Mini, 1 × probe cord, 3 × file holders, 5 × contrary electrodes, 1 × canal-length tester, 3 × DC 1.5 V AAA micro size battery.
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Root ZX Mini by Morita is a 4th generation electronic apex locator built on Root ZX technology. It is the compact version of the Root ZX II, which is claimed to be the world's best-selling apex locator. Root ZX mini has an evaluated accuracy of 97.5% according to studies. The LCD display on the device has a clear, progressive display with high contrast that ensures excellent readability. This apex locator measures the working length accurately in both wet and dry canal conditions. This endodontic equipment comes along with 3 programmable memory settings and other features such as shock resistance, automatic calibration, and power off function.

Accurate Measurement of working length becomes possible with the Root ZX mini . It utilizes the ratio technique to provide a highly accurate indication of the location of the file inside the root canal. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence of blood, irrigant or other fluids such as electrolytes, saline, tap water or hydrogen peroxide. 

No Zero Adjustment is necessary to accurately measure the length of the individual canals.

Automatic Calibration offered by this device ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes inside the canal, such as in temperature, moisture, etc. even during endodontic treatment.

Clear Liquid Crystal Display provides clear progressive display with high contrast.