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  1. Advanced Biotech Osseograft DMBM (De Mineralized Bone Matrix) - 2x0.25 g
    Special Price ₹2950
    As low as ₹2846
    High purity Type-I collagen
    Essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling
  2. Advanced Biotech Healiguide - GTR Membranes (Guided Tissue Regeneration)

    From ₹1770

    As low as ₹1703

    Type I collagen membrane from animal tissues
    Purified using patented American technology
  3. Advanced Biotech Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre LDD) - 4x25 mg
    Special Price ₹790
    Collagen fibril based formulation
    Contains 2mg of Tetracycline in 25mg of collagen fibrils
  4. Cologenesis Colo Gide GTR Membrane Pack

    From ₹717

    As low as ₹717

    Resorbable Membrane
    Guided Tissue Regenerative Membrane
  5. Medicept Dental Medi-Pak Retraction Cords

    From ₹691

    As low as ₹639

    Easy to control and place
    Unsurpassed retraction
  6. Ultradent Ultrapak Cord

    From ₹1197

    As low as ₹1197

    Rapid tissue displacement
    The original—and smallest—knitted cord
  7. Geistlich Bio-oss

    From ₹6600

    As low as ₹6109

    Biologic Interaction
  8. Geistlich Bio - Gide

    From ₹11600

    As low as ₹10832

    Excellent tissue integration
    Fully resorbable
  9. Advanced Biotech Osseomold DMBM with Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate - 2x0.25g
    Special Price ₹2950
    As low as ₹2846
    Contains Calcium Sulphate for bone regeneration
    High purity type-I collage for tissue regeneration
  10. Deepthi Dental Fiber Splint
    Deepthi Dental Fiber Splint
    Regular Price ₹500 Special Price ₹242
    As low as ₹226
  11. Pascal Sil-Trax AS Braided Cord-72 Inch

    From ₹725

    As low as ₹725

    Contains epinephrine
    Impregnated with an Aluminum Sulfate solution
  12. Pascal Knit-Trax Knitted Cord-Plain-100 Inch

    From ₹725

    As low as ₹725

    100% Cotton Cord
    Cord can be soaked in hemostatic
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