Melag Meladest 65 Distiller

Minimal electricity
Prolonged autoclave life
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This practical water distiller produces water of the highest quality in accordance with what represents one of the oldest methods of water treatment. When the device is activated, the water temperature increases and escaping gases are boiled, then led through an opening. The water temperature increases  to 100°C and begins to boil. During evaporation, the chemicals, salts and soiling remain in the container. The stream flows through the cooling coil system in the upper section where it cools and condenses into distilled water. 

Regardless of whether for wet technology devices or for autoclaves. You can now produce your own supply of distilled water with this small distillation device at a low price from regular tap water. This device is easy to use, extremely efficient and designed for continuous professional use.

Per hour, approx. 0.7L of water can be distilled and caught in a practical plastic canister.