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  1. Life Steriware Stericab Ultra Violet Storage Cabinet

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  2. Denfort UV Chamber

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  3. Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber
    Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber
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    Stainless Steel Chamber
    Imported UV tube
  4. Clinic Blue Line UV Cabinet
    Clinic Blue Line UV Cabinet
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    Magnetic lock with 12 tray set
    Philips uv tube with additional daylight tube
  5. Unique Dental Ultra Violet Chamber

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  6. Jaypee Flash UV Sterilizer - Analog Timer
    Jaypee Flash UV Sterilizer - Analog Timer
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  7. Unique Dental Digital Ultra Violet Chamber

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  8. SuriDent U.V Cabinet
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    Shear strength
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Buy UV Chambers Online in India



In the field of dentistry, cross contamination is a common and serious problem that has to be dealt with carefully. Many disinfection and sterilization techniques have been developed and improved over the years to deal with the increasing load of microbes in dental practice. After autoclave sterilization of the instruments and equipment parts used by the dentist, all the sterilized inventory must be stored in an aseptic environment to ensure that they do not get contaminated before use. The use of an UV Cabinet is highly useful in this regard. The dentist stores the sterilized instrument pouches inside the ultraviolet chamber. When required, the instruments can be withdrawn from the chamber for immediate use.


Ultra Violet Rays:

UV Rays are electromagnetic radiations ranging in 10 to 400 nanometers in wavelength. They have a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than x-rays. They are invisible to most humans in the world. Different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays have different applications. They have numerous applilcations such as lithography, label tracking, forensic analysis, protein analysis, curing of polymers, solid-state lighting and with respect to dentistry, they are used in disinfection and decontamination of surfaces of dental inventory.


Germicidal Irradiation with UV Rays:

Ultraviolet lamps are used in sterilization of instruments used in dentistry. There are commercially available low pressure mercury lamps that emit more than 80% of their radiation in the range of 254 nanometers. This is near the peaks of the germicidal effectiveness cure. When microbes are exposed to radiation of this wavelength and intensity, damage occurs to their DNA inhibiting further proliferation of the bacterial load. They have excellent bacteriostatic properties.

For a long period of time, ultraviolet rays have proven to be an effective method for killing microbes without any requirement of chemicals or heat generation.


Efficacy of UV Cabinets:

It has been a common practice to place sterilized dental instruments inside UV cabinets to ensure asepsis. However, a study conducted in India, determined the efficacy of UV cabinets to effectively disinfect dental impressions. Around 180 specimens were taken from different impression materials. The samples were disinfected by two methods, UV Rays from the UV cabinet and 2% glutaraldehyde solution. The samples were placed for different time periods inside the UV cabinet such as 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. The other samples were subjected to disinfection by glutaraldehyde for 10 minutes. The results indicated that UV chambers were an effective method of disinfecting dental impressions as well.


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