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  1. Sybron Endo Touch 'n Heat
    Sybron Endo Touch 'n Heat
    Regular Price ₹42000 Special Price ₹24802
    Patented autoclavable tips
  2. Coltene Ultrafil 3D Introductory Kit
    Special Price ₹111810
  3. Sybron Endo System B Cordless
    Sybron Endo System B Cordless
    Regular Price ₹163000 Special Price ₹99260
    Latest innovation
    Compact shape
  4. Denjoy IFill Obturation Kit
    Denjoy IFill Obturation Kit
    Regular Price ₹85000 Special Price ₹73449
    More relialble
    High quality
  5. Coxo Gutta Cutter C-Blade II
    Special Price ₹8154
    160 degree C in 2 seconds
    100 Cuts per Full Charge
  6. DiaDent Dia-Pen
    DiaDent Dia-Pen
    Regular Price ₹65000 Special Price ₹64998
    Cordless and light weight
    Quick heating tip
    Out of stock
  7. Denjoy iFill Cordless Gutta Percha Obturator
    Special Price ₹67000
    Endodontic obturation
    LED Panel display
  8. Denjoy IFill Obturation Gun
    Denjoy IFill Obturation Gun
    Regular Price ₹55000 Special Price ₹45763
    More relialble
    High quality
  9. Sybron Endo Elements Obturation Unit
    Sybron Endo Elements Obturation Unit
    Regular Price ₹173300 Special Price ₹132200
    Reliable results
    Best elements of System B
  10. Sybron Endo System B Cordless + Touch N Heat
    Sybron Endo System B Cordless + Touch N Heat
    Regular Price ₹163000 Special Price ₹108379
    Latest innovation
    Compact shape
  11. IDS Denmed Easy Gutta Percha Cutter
    IDS Denmed Easy Gutta Percha Cutter
    Regular Price ₹6500 Special Price ₹2515
    Calcium Hydroxide Cement
    1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
    Out of stock
  12. Meta E and Q Master Obturation System Cordless
    Special Price ₹100225
    Slim desighn provides gripping
    Easy and quick obturation
    Out of stock
  13. DiaDent Dia Gun & Accessories

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    As low as ₹1,178

    Cordless and compact design
    Reliable gutta percha filling
  14. VDW Beefill 2 in 1 Kit
    Special Price ₹211000
    Highest success rate
    Reliable obturation
    Out of stock
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Buy Root Canal Obturation Systems Online in India



Obturation of the root canal is a crucial step in endodontic therapy. The filling of the disinfected canal space with a suitable, biocompatible and inert substance is termed as obturation. It is also known as obliteration. Various root canal obturation techniques are available to fill the canal. The most commonly employed root canal obturation material is gutta percha. Gutta percha has been used in two forms – solid and flowable. Gutta percha can interchange its physical structure from solid mass to a flowable mass upon heating. Once the it cools down, it regains its rigid structure. The use of flowable gutta percha has been an advancement in the field of obturation in endodontics.


What are the various obturation techniques? 

The following the various techniques employed in obturation of the root canal:


  • The lateral compaction technique is one of the most commonly employed obturation techniques.
  • In this technique, a master cone that corresponds to the size of the final instrument used, is coated with a sealer, taken till working length, and compacted with spreaders.
  • Accessory cones are used in a few instances to achieve a tight, impervious seal.



  • In the vertical compaction technique, a master cone that corresponds to the final instrumentation size and length of the canal is used.
  • It is fitted, coated with a root canal sealer, heated and compacted vertically
  • It is filled till 3-4 mm of the apical segment of the root canal.
  • The remaining portion of the root canal if back filled using warm gutta percha material



  • In this technique, the core material and sealer are filled using vertical compaction
  • Devices such as the System B by SybronEndo are used to heat the apical portion of the gutta percha.
  • The remaining portion of the root canal is backfilled using thermoplasticized gutta percha core material using injection devices such as the Obtura by Obtura Spartan.



  • The master cone is inserted into the canal and heated with a warm spreader.
  • It is then compacted laterally with spreaders and filled with accessory cones.
  • Some devices use vibration in addition the warm spreader



  • Preheated thermoplasticized, injectable root canal filling material such as gutta percha is injected directly into the canal
  • Master cone is is not used in this technique but the sealer is placed before injection of the core material. Examples of devices used with this technique are Obtura by Obtura Spartan and Ultrafil by Coletene Whaledent.
  • The other injection technique employed is with the use of a single master cone.



  • The master cone is placed with the sealer into the root canal and engaged with a rotary instrument that warms, plasticizes and compacts the root canal filling material by means of friction



  • There are two types of carrier based techniques in the obturation of gutta percha namely, carrier-based thermoplasticized and carrier-based sectional.
  • The former involves direct delivery of the warm gutta percha on a plastic carrier. Examples are the ThermaFil by Dentsply and Realseal 1 by Sybron
  • The latter is a sized and fitted section of gutta percha along with the sealer, which is inserted into the apical 4mm of the root canal. The remaining portion is filled with thermoplasticized gutta percha.



  • The other obturation techniques available are chemoplasticized forms of gutta percha, custom cone obturation, obturation pastes and a usage of materials such as mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) to form the apical barrier.


What are the brands selling obturation systems online in India?

System B, Endo Elements by Sybron Endo, Ultrafil 3D by Coltene, DiaGun and DiaPen by Diadent, Beefil 2 by VDW and iFill by Denjoy are a few high-quality root canal obturation systems that are sold at PinkBlue.in.


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