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  1. PD Swiss Devitec
    PD Swiss Devitec
    Special Price ₹1975
    Devitalizing Paste
    Arsenic Free
  2. DenOR D-Cresol
    DenOR D-Cresol
    Regular Price ₹215 Special Price ₹212
    Pulp devitaliser
  3. API Barbed Broaches

    From ₹320

    As low as ₹309

    High Quality
  4. Prime Dental RC Solve
    Prime Dental RC Solve
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹225
    Orange Oil Derivative
    15ml Bottle
  5. EndoStar Barbed Broaches

    From ₹240

    As low as ₹215

    ISO Sizes 15 - 40
    Pack of 6 broaches
    Out of stock
  6. Ammdent D Pulp
    Ammdent D Pulp
    Regular Price ₹937.5 Special Price ₹595
    Paraformaldehyde based
    Out of stock
  7. Pyrax Relief Oil
    Pyrax Relief Oil
    Regular Price ₹138 Special Price ₹103
    Easily Dissolvable
    Provides Temporary Fixation
  8. PD Swiss Pulpotech
    Special Price ₹4080
    Radiopaque and Non Resorbable
    Pulpotomy of Vital Molars
  9. Dentsply Protaper Universal Retreatment Assorted D-1-2-3
    Dentsply Protaper Universal Retreatment Assorted D-1-2-3
    Regular Price ₹2910 Special Price ₹2661
    To remove filling material before canal re-shaping
    D1 - cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration
  10. Dentsply Spiro Short Barbed Broaches

    From ₹315

    As low as ₹292

    ISO Sizes 20 - 60
    10 broaches
    Out of stock
  11. Formoa-Cresol
    Special Price ₹110
    Formalin, Cresol & Glycerin
    20ml Bottle
  12. DenOR DenSolve
    DenOR DenSolve
    Regular Price ₹215 Special Price ₹212
    Dissolves ZnO-Eugenol
  13. D-Tech GP-Solv
    Special Price ₹300
    Refreshing citrus fragrance
    Does not contain chloroform
  14. Mani Peeso Reamers

    From ₹460

    As low as ₹420

    Sizes 1 - 6
    Pack of 6 Reamers
  15. Shivam Dental Limosol
    Shivam Dental Limosol
    Regular Price ₹140 Special Price ₹134
    10ml bottle
  16. Maarc D-Vitz Pulp Devitalizer
    Maarc D-Vitz Pulp Devitalizer
    Regular Price ₹750 Special Price ₹525
  17. Re Endo Gutta Percha Remover

    From ₹1700

    As low as ₹1700

    Easy to use
    Pack of 4 Files
  18. Septodont Endosolv
    Septodont Endosolv
    Special Price ₹600
    Formamide based solvent
    13ml bottle
  19. Micro Mega R-Endo Re-treatment Files
    Micro Mega R-Endo Re-treatment Files
    Regular Price ₹2650 Special Price ₹2585
    As low as ₹2456
    5 Files Retreatment System
    Pack of 5 Assorted Files
  20. Intello Barbed Broaches

    From ₹289

    As low as ₹263

    Remove pulp tissue
    Out of stock
  21. Mani Gates Drills

    From ₹455

    As low as ₹419

    28mm, 32mm & 38mm
    Sizes 1 - 6
  22. Mani Short Barbed Broaches

    From ₹160

    As low as ₹145

    Sizes 1 - 4
    Pack of 6 broaches
  23. EndoStar Gates Drills

    From ₹800

    As low as ₹723

    Sizes 1 - 6
  24. DenOR DenPulp
    DenOR DenPulp
    Regular Price ₹625 Special Price ₹612
    Para formaldehyde paste
    Pulp devitaliser
  25. Globus Medisys D Solve
    Globus Medisys D Solve
    Regular Price ₹160 Special Price ₹131
    d-limonene based solvent
    10ml bottle
    Out of stock
  26. Prevest Denpro Pulp-X

    From ₹678

    As low as ₹678

    Paraformaldehyde based
    6g Jar & 2 x 3g Syringe
    Out of stock
  27. Eltee Barbed Broaches

    From ₹142

    As low as ₹127

    ISO Sizes 10 - 40
    Pack of 6 broaches
    Out of stock
  28. Pyrax P - Devit
    Devitalization dough contains
    Helps to reduce pain
    Out of stock
  29. EndoStar Peeso Reamers

    From ₹800

    As low as ₹723

    Sizes 1 - 6
    Pack of 6 Reamers
  30. Eltee Gates Drills

    From ₹532

    As low as ₹532

    Sizes 1 - 6
    Out of stock
  31. Voco Depulpin
    Special Price ₹3200
    Paraformaldehyde & Lidocaine
    3g Syringe
    Out of stock
  32. Globus Medisys GM Cresol
    Special Price ₹110
    Formocresol Solution
    Safe and effective mummifier
    Out of stock
  33. Maquira Orange Oil (Gutta Percha Solvent)
    Maquira Orange Oil (Gutta Percha Solvent)
    Regular Price ₹450 Special Price ₹233
    Out of stock
  34. Neelkanth GP Solvent
    Neelkanth GP Solvent
    Regular Price ₹245 Special Price ₹175
    15ml bottle
    Out of stock
  35. Ammdent Canalsolve
    Ammdent Canalsolve
    Regular Price ₹642.86 Special Price ₹448
    Tetrachloroethylene based solvent
    13ml bottle
    Out of stock
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Buy Root Canal Cleaning Products Online in India



The most significant part of Endodontics is the root canal treatment. treatment can be started in any cases where the pulp tissue is damaged partially or completely. In order to save the tooth from further impairment and to restore the natural esthetics, root canal treatment has to be done. Root canal treatment involves a sequence of processes from the identification of the infection till the placement of a new jacket crown. In case of severely mutilated teeth, the root canal treatment could not be limited to obturation, rather require a core-build up on the treated tooth so that the crown can be placed securely above.

What is the importance of Cleaning in root canal treatment?

After opening the pulp chamber and locating the root canals, infected pulp should be removed. This process of complete removal of infected or necrotic pulp tissue and microorganisms from the root is known as Cleaning. Anterior teeth usually have one root canal but then again lower incisors may often have two canals and posterior teeth may have up to four (sometimes more) canals of various sizes. The complete removal of disease causing microbes in the canal is necessary to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Pulp devitalization:

Devitalization of dental pulp is done to avoid any possibility of pulp bleeding, while removing the infected pulp using barbed broaches. It will destroy the vitality of the pulp which is the only source of nutrients and oxygen supply to the tooth. A dental pulp devitalizer contains paraformaldehyde, lidocaine and phenol. After the use of a devitalizer, the cavity must be carefully sealed with a cement to avoid leaching of the product, which could lead to local destruction of the periodontium and necrosis of bone.


Constituents & Properties:

  • Paraformaldehyde, pulp devitalizer coagulates albumins;
  • Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, reduces pain;
  • Phenol intensifies the hardening effect of paraformaldehyde and increases the antiseptic action of the preparation.

Advantages of pulp devitalization:

  • Eliminates bleeding of the pulp while cleaning.
  • Helps reduce pain


Dental Barbed broaches:

Barbed broaches are instruments used to remove the pulp tissue during endodontic treatment. They are extripating instruments and not enlarging instruments. They are formed from a tapered round shaft, with portions of metals notched at almost right angles to the shaft to form barbs. The barbs engage the pulp tissue facilitating removal during the withdrawal stroke.

The largest size broach which fits loosely in the canal is to be selected for removal of the pulp tissue. Usage of a barbed broach which might be too small for the canal might result in a tight fit and probably cause breakage of the instrument in addition to enlarging the canal


Dental Re-treatment:

An ideal endodontic treatment must constitute proper cleaning and shaping of the root canals and filling them with gutta percha points and sealants up to the apical constriction. Cases in which the root canal filling material has not reached the apical constriction (underfilled) or extends beyond the apical foramen (overextended), are indicated for re-treatment, as they are highly susceptible to recurring infection. However, removing gutta percha fillings from the canals is a very tedious process. Materials such as GP solvents and removers have been developed to carry out these procedures with ease.


Dental GP Solvents:

Although the success rate of endodontically treated teeth range from 86 to 95%, failure requires re-treatment, which is a valid alternative to extraction. Gutta percha cones are composed of vegetable resin and can be dissolved using mechanical, thermal or chemical methods. The most common method of dissolving gutta percha is by the use of chemical solvents. A few of these organic solvents frequently used in endodontics include xylene, chloroform, eucalyptol, halothane, tetrachloroethylene and orange oil. A few of the commercially available gutta percha solvents include RC Solve by Prime Dental, Carvene by Prevest Denpro, Endosolv by Septodont, Gsol by MAARC and GP-Solv by D-Tech.


Dental GP Removers:

Following dissolution, gutta percha has to be removed from the canal using suitable instruments. Gates Glidden drills and Peeso reamers are frequently to remove the root canal filling material. Protaper retreatment files have been manufactuared by Dentsply to aid in effective removal of gutta percha from the canal. They have a cutting tip at D1 to facilitate initial penetration of the file. These instruments facilitate easy removal of the material.


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