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  1. GC Composite Brush

    From ₹3000

    As low as ₹3000

    Two variants available
    Superfine diamond particles
  2. GC Caviton
    GC Caviton

    From ₹595

    As low as ₹555

    Setting initiated by water and saliva
    Excellent adaptability
    Out of stock
  3. GC Temporary Stopping
    GC Temporary Stopping

    From ₹3450

    As low as ₹3197

    Beta Phase Gutta Percha
    500g of GP Sticks
  4. GC G-CEM Capsule Box of 50

    From ₹8500

    As low as ₹8500

    The right mix for long-lasting restorations
    No risk of post-op sensitivity
  5. GC Fuji 2 LC Capsules A2
    GC Fuji 2 LC Capsules A2

    From ₹7995

    As low as ₹7995

    Smaller particles - offers excellent aesthetics
    Strontium based glass provides good radiopacity
  6. GC Exaflex
    GC Exaflex

    From ₹6175

    As low as ₹5741

    Immediate pour
  7. GC Examix
    GC Examix

    From ₹2720

    As low as ₹2500

    Virtually tasteless and odorless
  8. GC N.D.S. Mixing Tips
    GC N.D.S. Mixing Tips

    From ₹2134

    As low as ₹2134

    Used with Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material
    Different tips available for the different viscosities
  9. GC Metal Strips
    GC Metal Strips

    From ₹3450

    As low as ₹8875

  10. GC Reline
    GC Reline

    From ₹3300

    As low as ₹3300

    Cartridge delivery system
    Excellent shock absorber
  11. GC Unifast Trad
    GC Unifast Trad

    From ₹1400

    As low as ₹1400

    For pressure and brush techniques
    Quick setting
  12. GC Pattern Resin
    GC Pattern Resin

    From ₹2800

    As low as ₹2615

    High hardness and strength
    Minimal shrinkage
  13. GC Unifast III 2-1 Pkg (0127F064-0000)
    Special Price ₹5050
    For single shade temporaries
    Superior handling
  14. GC MI Varnish - Fresh Mint
    GC MI Varnish - Fresh Mint
    Special Price ₹5300
  15. GC G-aenial Syringe P-A1
    GC G-aenial Syringe P-A1
    Regular Price ₹3200 Special Price ₹2921
    Excellent aesthetics with just a single shade
    Adequate radiopacity
  16. GC Fuji Bond LC Standard Package (0101B857-0000)
    Special Price ₹5250
    High elasticity
  17. GC Fuji Ortho Band
    Special Price ₹3915
    Bonds orthodontic bands
    Cementation of appliances
  18. GC StickCARRIER
    Special Price ₹2600
    Facilitates the use of Stick and everStick fibre products
    Useful during the positioning of the fibre bundle
  19. GC Fuji Ortho Band Paste Pak, 2 x 13.3g Cartridge (0122F034-0000)
    Special Price ₹7850
    For bonding of bands and appliances
    Paste Pak cartridge delivery
  20. GC G-CEM LINKACE (0132F5640010)
    Special Price ₹6950
    Optimal Self-cure Mode
    High Bond Durability in One Step
  21. GC Plaque Check + pH Kit
    Special Price ₹2859
    5 minute
    Identifies plaque accumulation areas
  22. GC FujiCEM Refill Pack 13.3g Cartridge (0123F100-0000)
    GC FujiCEM Refill Pack 13.3g Cartridge (0123F100-0000)
    Regular Price ₹4050 Special Price ₹3731
    Minimizes cement waste
    Easier mixing in only 10 secs
  23. GC G - Premio Bond
    GC G - Premio Bond
    Regular Price ₹4500 Special Price ₹4002
    Low risk of post-operative sensitivity
    Presence of two different functional monomers
  24. GC EverX Posterior Unitip Refill (0133F0480010)
    GC EverX Posterior Unitip Refill (0133F0480010)
    Regular Price ₹5100 Special Price ₹4903
    Short fibres prevent the progression of fracture
    Fracture toughness equivalent to dentine
    Out of stock
  25. GC MI Varnish - Fresh Strawberry
  26. GC Pliers (800111)
    Special Price ₹9250
    Optimal ergonomic design
    Secure grip
  27. GC Cavity Conditioner
    Special Price ₹2
    Improves the marginal seal.
    Decreased risk of post-operative sensitivity
    Out of stock
  28. GC StickREFIX L
    Special Price ₹1496
  29. GC Fuji Ortho LC Capsules, Box of 50
    Special Price ₹8448
    Light curing within 40 seconds
    Excellent adhesion
  30. GC StickRESIN
    Special Price ₹2045
    Used for wetting the Stick fibres and StickNET fibre sheets
    For re-activating fibre surfaces
    Out of stock
  31. GC Liv Carbo 1-1 Package Small (0101B633-0000)
    Special Price ₹3450
    Easy mixing
    Less powder scattering
  32. GC Kooliner Professional Package (345001)
    Special Price ₹5050
    Minimizes distortion
    Ensures fit of the denture
  33. GC Saliva pH Indicator (S642-084)
    Special Price ₹3350
    Out of stock
  34. GC Capsule Applier (0409-140)
    Special Price ₹2400
    Used with all GC materials in capsules
    Pre-activates capsule and dispenses material
    Out of stock
  35. GC Fuji Varnish (0101B044-1000)
    GC Fuji Varnish (0101B044-1000)
    Regular Price ₹840 Special Price ₹667
    Fast drying - easy to use, self-cured
    Protects glass ionomers during setting
    Out of stock
  36. GC Freegenol 1-1 Pkg (0101B267-0000)
    GC Freegenol 1-1 Pkg (0101B267-0000)
    Regular Price ₹2450 Special Price ₹2440
    Temporary, non-eugenol cement
    Smooth, creamy consistency
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