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CMOS Sensor Technology
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In order to acquire a wide range expertise in all sectors of dental radiology, including panaromic and 3D cone beam technologies, Villa Sistemi Medicali includes, the Videograph a hi-tech intraoral sensor available in two different models- Regular and HD. Videograph permits to obtain a superior quality image even with the entry level version. With a resolution of 25 Ip/mm, allowing to properly detect any region of patient’s mouth and It is best suitable for all general dentistry applications, especially for caries detection. For application that require high detail visibility, Videograph is an ideal tool for Implantology and Endodontics. With its accurate processing tools and filters for image enhancement, Videograph is able to optimize the quality of the acquired images. Round corners of the sensor provide comfort to the patient while safety is achieved by the single-use protective sheaths and the sensor's capacity to be disinfected by immersion.

To maximize user friendliness, Videograph sensor features direct USB connection without any intermediate electronic box. The technology used here allows it to work promptly with Villa Sistemi Medicali's Endograph DC Intraoral generators as well as with any other type X-ray unit from other manufacturers.