Tokuyama Tokuso Ionomer Kit

Excellent adhesion
Easy clean-up
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Package Contents: powders 36g,Liquid 20g,1 Measuring Spoon,1 Mixing pad
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TOKUYAMA Tokuso Glass Ionomer Luting Cement is a glass-ionomer luting cement which offers superior adhesion, high adhesive strength with less harmful effects to the pulp. The best properties of cement can be achieved by mixing the powder and liquid at the standard powder/liquid ratio. Unlike conventional cements, the high fluidity of TOKUYAMA® Tokuso Glass Ionomer Luting Cement ensures excellent properties as a luting cement should. It also allows for easy application to teeth, prostheses and a smooth setting. And because of the high fluidity of the mixed material and the fine powder, a film thickness as thin as 16 microns can be realized thus, achieving an excellent adaptation for the luting of prostheses.