TePe Implant Care Kit

Innovative angle for excellent reach
All-in-one pack for implant maintenance
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Package Contents: 1 Implant Care Toothbrush, 1 Implant Brush and 1 Interdental Brush
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Innovative angle for excellent reach
All-in-one pack for implant maintenance
Small brush head for precision cleaning
Made in Sweden, in conjunction with experts

Proper care of implants is vital for long-term success.
Professional guidance on good oral hygiene habits
and suitable products is of great importance to help
prevent the development of peri-implant mucositis
and peri-implantitis.

The unique, angled neck of Implant Care enables easy access to the lingual and palatal surfaces of implants. A small brush head with long filaments facilitates reach under the prosthetic construction. The Implant Care is also suitable for retroclined teeth, lingual orthodontic appliances and other difficult to reach areas. The slim shape of the brush head facilitates cleaning even in very narrow areas. Soft, end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning.

Cleaning different types of implants
There are various types of implants which may need different home care. TePe offers a range of products to make cleaning easier. Your dental professional will help you choose the products to suit your particular needs.

Single implants. If one or more single teeth are missing, they can be replaced with single implants. Even though the result may look like a natural tooth, it will require extra attention. The space between your implant and your natural teeth or between your implants can be very narrow. TePe Interdental Brushes are needed to clean around the tooth replacement. You may also need a special brush, such as TePe Implant Care, Compact Tuft or Interspace.

Implant-supported bridges. An implant-supported bridge means that several teeth are replaced with a bridge, anchored to implants. All areas, both bridge and implants, must be brushed properly, which makes this type of implant more difficult to clean. Tepe Interdental Brushes clean the sides of the implants, while special brushes, such as TePe Implant Care, Compact Tuft or Interspace are needed for access from the tongue side as well as the cheek side of the implant surfaces.

Implant care:
- Innovative Brush with a unique angle which makes it easier to clean implant abutments from the inside and other hard-to-reach areas
- Extra slim Brush head reaches even very narrow areas
- Great for back surfaces of the bottom front teeth
- Long, soft, rounded bristles ensure gentle cleaning

Implant brush:
- Special toothbrush with soft bristles in two rows, an extra narrow brush head and a long, thin neck
- Excellent for cleaning close to implants
- Developed in collaboration with the dental community and manufactured in Sweden by professional quality standards

1.Implant supported bridges

1. Clean outside of implants with the TePe Implant Brush. How to use? - Video

2. Clean inside and hard-to-reach areas of implants with the TePe Implant Care. Hold the brush to reach the inner side of implants. Move the brush gently back and forth along inside gum line, around implants and attachments. How to use? - Video

3. Clean the sides of implants with a TePe Interdental Brush. Insert the brush gently between implants and move back and forth. For easier access to back teeth, curve the brush gently. Do not straighten it again. Use another straight brush for front implants. How to use? - Video

Rinse all brushes with water after use and replace when bristles become worn.

Raw materials used for Implant Care and Implant Brush:
Handle: Polypropylene (PP)
Filaments: Polyamide (PA)

Neck Can be angled after heating

Autoclave High pressure, 135 °C

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