TePe Fluoride Wooden Dental Sticks

Increased Fluoride in saliva for one hour
Triangular - similar to interdental spaces
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TePe Fluoride Wooden Dental Sticks - X-Slim 160 X-Slim Birch Fluoride Sticks 160 X-Slim
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TePe Fluoride Wooden Dental Sticks - Slim 125 Slim Birch Fluoride Sticks 125 Slim
Regular Price ₹350 Special Price ₹331
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TePe Fluoride Wooden Dental Sticks - Medium 125 Medium Linden Fluoride Sticks 125 Medium
Regular Price ₹350 Special Price ₹331
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Increased Fluoride in saliva for one hour
Triangular - similar to interdental spaces
Three sizes to fit different spaces
Made in Sweden, with birch or linden wood

The classic triangular wooden dental stick has been manufactured by TePe since 1965 and is still highly appreciated. TePe's dental sticks are adapted to the natural triangular shape of the interdental space.

It is recommended to use dental sticks nightly between all the interdental spaces to help prevent overnight bacteria growth. Choose a wooden stick size that will fit your interdental spaces. If necessary, let your dentist or dental hygienist find the right size for you. For extra caries protection, choose a fluoride impregnated dental stick. After using the fluoride dental stick, wait at least half an hour before you eat or drink. The released fluoride will then stay in your mouth and help prevent dental caries. 

More Information
Thickness X-slim

- Top quality dental sticks with a triangular shape to fit the natural shape of the interdental space
- Carefully selected birch and linden wood and an advanced manufacturing process
- Three different sizes: x-slim – birch, slim – birch, medium – linden
- Developed in collaboration with the dental community and manufactured in Sweden by professional quality standards since 1965
- Fluoride stays in the mouth for over an hour, after usage

1. For daily interdental cleaning, 2. For cleaning the interdental spaces, after every meal
3. Also effective for people with high caries risk

Clean between the teeth using TePe Dental Sticks: Moisten the dental stick in your mouth before using it. This will make it last longer, be more pliable and have a better fluoride effect. Move the dental stick, flat side against gum tissue, back and forth in each interdental space. Dental sticks will clean larger surfaces if angled. If you hold one or more fingers against your chin, you will get more stability and better control.

Raw material:
Linden wood or birch wood, and 3 % sodium
fluoride solution

Size information:
X-Slim dental sticks - Very slim stick for very narrow interdental spaces, made of birch wood
Slim dental sticks - Slim stick for tight interdental spaces, made of birch wood
Medium dental sticks - Wider pliable dental sticks for wider interdental spaces, made of Linden wood

Fluoride information:
- Fluoride - Wooden material with its porous structure is an excellent fluoride carrier
- During fluoride impregnation, approximately 11 000 wooden dental sticks are immersed into 30 % sodium fluoride solution during 30 minutes. During this time the wooden dental sticks absorb between 15 and 20 liters of sodium fluoride solution
- Emission of fluoride per stick: Linden wood with fluoride: 0.13 mg. Birch wood with fluoride: 0.11 mg. Birch wood extra thin with fluoride: 0.09 mg. The saliva contains an increased amount of fluoride for approximately one hour after use

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