Ivoclar Vivadent Systemp.Inlay & Systemp.Onlay Refills

Good adhesion to tooth structure
Fast curing and high curing depth
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Ivoclar Vivadent Systemp.onlay Refill 3x2,5 g Universal Refill 3x 2.5g Syringes Onlay
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Systemp.inlay and Systemp.onlay:

Systemp.inlay and Systemp.onlay are light-curing single-component materials for the fabrication of temporary restorations and do not require the additional use of a temporary cementation material.

Systemp.inlay is particularly recommended for deep inlay preparations with parallel walls as well as for sealing implant screw access canals and for relining prefabricated crowns and bridges. Systemp.inlay is available in two shades, universal and transparent, and in two delivery forms (syringe and Cavifil).

Systemp.onlay achieves a more rigid final cure than System.inlay because it features a higher content of inorganic fillers. The higher strength of Systemp.onlay provides advantages with regard to retention and occlusal and sagittal bracing. Therefore, the material is suited for large preparations.

In addition, Systemp.onlay is suitable for long-term temporaries, flat preparations and preparations with strongly diverging walls. Systemp.onlay is available in two shades, universal and transparent, and in two delivery forms (syringe and Cavifil).