SDI Riva Bond LC

High radiopacity
No staining
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Riva Bond LC is the next generation of adhesives. No longer do you have to put up with significant stress at the margins due to your beautiful restorations shrinking. No other adhesive can have high bond strengths and significantly reduced stress at the restorative interface. Best of all, with Riva Bond LC your composite restorations will be long lasting.

The bond you use is a critical choice for clinical success: your bond must help to eliminate the polymerisation shrinkage stress caused by the composite. Riva Bond LC compensates for these high stresses. Don't put your good work at risk anymore. Keep your patients free from sensitivity.
Everything normally shrinks
Adhesives shrink and so do composites causing huge stresses at the margins and risk restoration failure. Unlike other adhesives, Riva Bond LC does not cause stress at the margins PLUS it absorbs the stresses of the significant shrinkage of the composite. According to Sydney University, "like amalgams, Riva Bond LC has a slight positive expansion unequivocally sealing the cavity preventing both stress and microleakage".Riva Bond LC compensates for the polymerisation shrinkage of composites, therefore reducing post-operative sensitivity and increasing the life of a composite restoration.

Unique Stress Reduction Technology - SRT
Riva Bond LC's unique SRT gives a restoration the greatest start. SRT incorporates bioactive proprietary ionglass technology with advanced glass ionomer resin technology ensuring minimal stress at all bonding interfaces. Within minutes, the result is stress free and longevity for the restoration is totally maximised. The contraction stress is completely eliminated by selective hygroscopic expansion/water absorption of the thin adhesive layer - not observed in resin bonds. No stress means no sensitivity and restoration longevity.