Sanmed Strumen G 2.45% 5L Instrument Disinfectant

Instrument Disinfectant
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Sanmed Strumen G 2.45% 1Ltr Instrument Disinfectant:

Alcohol based Instrument Cleaners are one of the effective methods to fight against COVID-19. Making them far more effective than just keeping instruments clean. It helps in breaking the outer protein protective layer of the harmful microbes.

Strumen 2% Strumen® 2.45% Glutaraldehyde solution 2% and 2.45% w/v (with liquid activator) Strumen is a "Standard" instrument disinfectant with an established formula, which remains fully activate for up to 14 days after activation. Strumen is a suitable treatment of contaminated instruments, focuses on protecting patients and staff, without affecting the quality of instruments.


Strumen® 2% & 2.45% Contains
Glutaraldehyde Solution 2% w/v with liquid activator
Glutaraldehyde Solution 2.45% w/v with liquid activator

Application Areas:

Ideal for disinfection and sterilization of:
Rigid and flexible endoscopes
Instruments made of metal, porcelain glass, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and rubber.
Diamond cutting burs, root canal and hand set instruments.
Compatible with Materials

Usage Guidelines:
Pour Strumen® 2% or Strumen® 2.45% in a instrument tray.

Activation Procedure:

Activate with liquid activator provided.
To activate < 5litres, add the activator proportionately and prepare as required. As soon as the solution turns green, it is “Ready to use”.
Now, rinse off the adherent material (Blood, mucus etc) under running water from used instruments and drain thoroughly.
Dry and immerse the instruments and scopes in prepared Strumen® 2% or 2.45% solution.

Immersion Time:

Total Disinfection: 10mins – 15mins (HBV-30mins)
Total Sterilization: 10hours
Remove from Strumen® 2% or 2.45% solution
Rinse thoroughly with sterile water and store at a dry place.


The areas in use should have proper ventilation.
Keep lids on the soaking trays at all times except when instruments are removed or added to the solution.
Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and seek medical assistance.
Wear rubber gloves while cleaning and disinfecting medical devices.
For optimum results, pre clean instruments with instrument cleanser after rinsing in running water.

Important Instructions:

Proper pre-cleaning can reduce the bio burden to 99% and make the instruments safer for healthcare workers to handle.
Endoscopic instruments proper care can result in their increased life span., decrease repair and replacement cost and reduces number of microorganisms, preventing cross infection.


Modern instruments and endoscopes are made from different material combinations. Strumen® 2% and 2.45% have excellent compatibility with glass, ceramic, stainless steel, non ferrous metal, aluminium, hard rubber and latex, silicon as well as synthetic materials (incl. Macrolon and acrylic glass)


Pack Size:
5Litres Jar