Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

LED Accelerator
Teeth whitening light
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The Accelerator is a in-office teeth whitening light designed to be used by dental professionals for use in whitening discolored teeth. The Accelerators LED light source has been designed to deliver the optimal spectrum of light energy to activate Philips Zoom Light-Activated In-Office Whitening Gel to deliver upto 6 to 8 shades of teeth whitening. Wavelength emissions are between 400 to 505 nanometers(nm) and the energy intensity delivered to the teeth can be set at three levels depending on patient and case type.

Light Guide
The Light Guide is designed to ensure proper distance and alignment to maintain correct light exposure on the smile zone. Remove Light Guide from Kit and place on end of Accelerator Head. Turn on the Accelerator using power button located on the side of the Power Pack. When the Light Guide is properly attached, the Power Pack display will read Guide Status-Guide Attached followed by X of X Sessions. Each new Light Guide is loaded with four 15-minute activation sessions.