Philips Dash In office Teeth Whitening

Easy to follow directions
Unique 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel
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Package Contents: The Dash Single Procedure Kit contains: (1) 2.9 g procedure gel syringe with 2 flocked tips (3 dual arch applications) (1) 2.9 g Liquidam barrier syringe with 2 tips (3 dual arch applications) (1) 2.4 ml Relief® ACP Oral Care Gel syringe with tip (2 dual arch applications) (2) Whitening accelerator swabs (1) Cheek retractor & bite block (1) Suction tip (1) Face bib (2) Cotton rolls (1) Pack of gauze (1) Dentist's directions for use.
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Dash was developed with the clinician in mind and includes:

Everything you need in one, all- inclusive kit. No more hunting around the office for the 5-7 required isolation materials.
A unique 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This gel requires no syringe-to-syringe mixing or refrigeration, and delivers superior ease of use and stability.

Easy-to-follow directions. The step by step pictures on the inside of the lid make isolation and application clear, quick and easy.

Sensitivity management. We've included a syringe of Relief ACP, that combines chemical sensitivity relief (KNO3) and long-term relief of ACP and fluoride.