Navadha Breath Checker (HC-205)

Slightly bigger than a pack of chewing gum
Simple to use
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It's a rare office mate who can be counted on to tell you how your breath smells. Because you're on your own (and we're not anatomically equipped to smell our own mouths), Tanita’s BreathAlert can give you the feedback you're looking for. Slightly bigger than a pack of chewing gum, the BreathAlert measures volatile sulfide compounds and hydrocarbon gas in the breath. It's simple to use, too. Press the power button, wait for the signal, then breathe into the sensor. After a few seconds the device beeps and displays your breath rating with a persuasive icon - a human profile from which breath bubbles spray in a small or large triangle. The handy little gadget is highly sensitive and may not read accurately in hot, humid, windy, or air-polluted areas. A flashing icon lets you know when batteries are running down. Batteries are not included. It is available in pink or green colour.