Micro Mega EndoUltra

Cordless endodontic ultrasonic device
Reduces the irrigation time
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EndoUltra is the first cordless endodontic ultrasonic device for the activation of irrigating solutions. EndoUltra simplifies the procedure and reduces the irrigation time, only 30 seconds of activation and to be repeated with each fresh irrigation solution. It is cordless handpiece always ready to use. Its key to success is : Ultrasonic : efficient cavitation and acoustic streaming. Ultrafast : Optimized disinfection in several sequences of 30 seconds each. Ultraperforming : Penetration and action of the irrigant in all the zones which are inaccessible for the instruments. It has better cleaning and disinfection quality - Eliminates biofilm and smear layer, facilitates upwards debris removal, improves the sealing of obturation, reduces the microbial load, improved activation and favours penetration of irrigants into the non-instrumented zones . It is comfortable and easy to use - Cordless, rechargeable and compact handpiece, battery charge indicator, start-up without prior settings, LED lighting and activation sequences of 30 seconds.