Ionyx Locapex Five Apex Locator

4th Generation
Multiple Frequency Technology
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The company Ionyx was established in 1993 and located in France. The company dedicates itself to engineer specialised machines for endodontics. Ionyx Locapex Five is an autonomous Apex Locator with a cutting-edge technology. No calibration is needed for Locapex Five and it is very comfortable as well as simple to use. It operates in all root canal conditions which includes all wet conditions too. In an environment where hypochlorite is less than 2.5%, also sodium chloride, water, saliva and even blood.

To make it more comfortable, it has a large display featuring colour LEDs which indicates the file progression in the canal, towards the apex. An error signal comes on in case of wrong measurement. It has a battery level indicator and an automatic stop if the unit is left idle for 5 minutes. 
All accessories (2 cords, 1 grip file, 2 lip electrodes, 1 touch file) are autoclavable at 134°C.


  • Durability: Launched in 2005, the Locapex Five is a simple, sturdy machine. It can withstand fall off from your work table and still would be able to assist you in your endodontic treatments.
  • Easy to use and handle: Single button for activating the device
  • Battery Life: Allows to work safely with two standard commercial LR06 (AA) batteries. The battery life can range from 6 months to 1 year depending on the extent of your endodontic activities. The measuring quality remains the same, regardless of the charge level of the batteries.
  • Ergonomic Design (Virtual Apex): Ionyx Locapex Five eliminates false information as the file advances into the canal with the aid of signal-filtering system
  • 100% Digital Measurement
  • Apex on the display: (See diagram 1)
  • Apex overshoot alert
  • Instant Measurement System
  • Over 160 degree angle
  • Fully automatic
  • No calibration necessary
  • Operates in all conditions