Hager Resopac

Dissolves slowly
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The first wound protection paste ...

which does not have to be removed
which is hydrophilic and dissolves slowly
which adheres to damp and bleeding wounds
which does not peel off
which contains myrrh (tissue firming, astringent, haemostatic)
which may be used as a carrier for medications, fluorides and haemostyptic

Composition: carboxymethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate, ethyl alcohol,myrrh, vaseline, polyethylenoxide resin

Instructions for use

Squeeze the desired amount of Reso-Pac out of  the tube onto the thoroughly moistened fingers or gloves. Using the roll-up key helps to squeeze out the thick paste
Form the material into a thin roll (eventually under running water) and press it onto the treatment site. Use the material sparingly as it swells up by absorbing saliva.
Medication applied under the Reso-Pac dressing works effectively in this area for hours.
The surface of the periodontal dressing should be smoothened with Vaseline or a well moistened finger.
Close Reso-Pac tube immediately after removal of the material. Material hardens very fast.

Important - Please advise patients who have been treated with Reso-Pac to refrain from consuming hot food or drinks as otherwise the gel will dissolve.

Reso-Pac is an oral wound protection paste that consists mainly of cellulose. The product can also be utilised as a medication, haemostatics and fluoride carrier. Due to its composition it adheres very well to damp and even bleeding surfaces. The variety of treatments with Reso-Pac is large: It is excellently suitable to cover wounds after tooth extractions when the wound needs to be protected from mechanical interference, and an immobilization of the adjacent tissue cannot be guaranteed. Any surgical incision that is closed with sutures should be covered with Reso-Pac to provide additional protection. It protects bone substitute materials and membranes from bacterial infection. Without mastication or manipulation the product adheres to the wound for up to 30 hours, but in any case long enough to attain a solid fibrin layer in the wound. Reso-Pac can also be utilised as a medication carrier and is therefore suitable to be used for the treatment of patients requiring anticoagulants. Miradont-Gel (micro-nutrient gel) and Myzotect-Tincture (myrrh/ benzoin tincture) are sensible supplements that can be applied prio to Reso-Pac develop their smoothing effect and help to speed up the healing process.