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    GDC X-Ray Film Hanger for 14 Films (AFH14)
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Buy Dental X-Rays Online in India



Oral Radiology deals with the various imaging techniques employed in dentistry and the use of radiation in the treatment of dental diseases such as malignant tumours. The discovery of x-rays by Roentgen in the 19th century turned out to be a great advantage for dentists as well. The dental surgeons could now get a glimpse of the portion of the tooth that lay inside the jaw bone, the root. This gave dentists great diagnostic and therapeutic advantage. X-rays in dentistry have been employed in every specialty reiterating their importance in diagnosis and treatment of various dental diseases.


What are X-rays?

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They are similar to visible light and are of shorter wavelength. Gamma rays, radiowaves, visible light and x rays are all electromagnetic waves. They are a form of ionizing radiation that have high tissue penetration power. They are formed when electrons of high velocity strike a metal target of high atomic number. X rays are formed inside an x ray tube. The tube consists of an anode and a cathode. The cathode is a tungsten filament that is connected to a high power supply. The filament is  placed in close proximity to a molybdenum focusing cup. This focusing cup ensures that the beam of electrons are focused into a single beam. The high velocity electrons that are formed move towards the anode. The anode is a tungsten target, a material of high atomic number. The tungsten target is connected to a copper stem. The copper stem helps in dissipation of the high amount of heat that is formed during the process of formation of x rays. Once the electrons strike the tungsten target, they lose kinetic energy which is converted in to x ray photons. These x ray photons travel through the window in the tube, are collimated and are used for the various applications in dentistry.


What are the different types of x ray films?

Dental x ray films are available in various sizes. The following are the different sizes of x ray films


         SIZE                 DIMENSION       
Size 0 22 x 35 mm
Size 1 24 x 40 mm
Size 2 31 x 41 mm
Size 3 27 x 54 mm
Size 4 57 x 76 mm


The size 0 and size 1 x ray films are indicated for paediatric patients, whereas the size 2 films are usually indicated in adult patients for intra oral peri apical radiographs. 


What are the types of dental radiographs?

Dental radiographs can be classified based on whether they are extra oral or intra oral variants as follows:

  • Extra Oral Radiographs
    • OPG
    • Lateral Ceph
    • PA View


  • Intra Oral Radiographs
    • IOPA radiograph
    • Bitewing radiograph
    • Occlusal Radiograph


How are dental x ray films processed?

When the radiographic films are exposed to x rays, a latent image is formed in these films. The latent image is invisible. In order to render this image visible, the x ray film is subjected to processing steps that turn the invisible latent image into a visible image in different shades of gray. The dark areas on the x ray are termed radiolucent and the lighter areas are termed as radiopaque regions. X ray processing can be done manually or using an automatic film processor.

The two x ray procession solutions are termed as the developer and fixer solutions. Each of these solutions have constituents that act on the x ray film emulsion to result in an x ray of varying degrees of contrast. Stringent protocol must be adhered to during the processing to ensure a good quality x ray that will last for a long time.


What are the accessories used with x rays?

X rays, being ionizing in nature, can cause harmful effects if the patients and dentist are not protected by protective wear. Lead aprons and collars are recommended to protect the patients from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. The use of these protective gear can greatly reduce risk of being affected by scattered x rays. It is also recommended to use a rectangular collimator rather than a round collimator to reduce the amount of scattering.


What are the brands selling dental x rays online in India?

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Why buy dental x rays online at PinkBlue.in?

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