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  1. Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative

    From ₹1,318

    As low as ₹1,217

    Available in 3 common shades - A3, B2 and C2
    Rapid cure (20 Seconds for 2.5mm increment)
  2. Filtek Z350 XT Flowable Restorative - Refills

    From ₹1,826

    As low as ₹1,732

    Excellent aesthetics and polish retention
    20% less shrinkage than Filtek™ Supreme XT
  3. Ivoclar Vivadent Te-Econom Plus Restorative Kit

    From ₹3,136

    As low as ₹3,136

    Excellent physical properties
    Good polishability
  4. SDI Wave Flowable Composite - Refills

    From ₹401

    As low as ₹377

    Fluoride relaese
    Natural fluorence
  5. Ivoclar Vivadent TE-Econom Flow Refills

    From ₹630

    As low as ₹605

    Broad indication spectrum
    Optimal handling
  6. Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram Syringe Refills

    From ₹1,034

    As low as ₹992

    Low shrinkage
    Low wear
  7. Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative Syringe - Refills

    From ₹1,725

    As low as ₹1,725

    Simple to use
    Lifelike aesthetics
  8. Meta Nexcore
    Easy to mix
  9. GC Solare X

    From ₹1,171

    As low as ₹1,171

    Remarkable ability to blend into the tooth
    Non-sticky handling
  10. 3M ESPE Valux Plus Universal Restorative - Refills

    From ₹611

    As low as ₹580

    High resistance to wear and fractures
    Blends with surrounding tooth - more natural finish
  11. GC G-aenial Universal Flo Syringe Refills

    From ₹1,295

    As low as ₹1,295

    superb invisible aesthetics without any compromises
    Better longevity and endurance
  12. GC everX Posterior Unitip Refill
    GC everX Posterior Unitip Refill
    Regular Price ₹5,014 Special Price ₹4,950
    Short fibres prevent the progression of fracture
    Fracture toughness equivalent to dentine
  13. Tokuyama Estelite Sigma Quick Syringe - Refills

    From ₹1,951

    As low as ₹1,951

    Quick curing time - 10 sec.
    Extended working time - 90 sec
  14. Medicept Dental Flow Plus

    From ₹417

    As low as ₹392

  15. Heraeus Charisma Smart Kit
    Heraeus Charisma Smart Kit
    Regular Price ₹3,500 Special Price ₹3,143 As low as ₹2,908
    Light Curing
    Radio-opaque submicron
  16. Ultradent Amelogen Plus Syringe - Refills (9030)

    From ₹1,206

    As low as ₹1,152

    Simple affordable system
    Brilliant polishing capacity
  17. Anabond RestoFill N Flo
  18. Anabond RestoFill Kit
  19. Medicept Dental Matrix Microhybrid Composite - Starter Kit
    Medicept Dental Matrix Microhybrid Composite - Starter Kit
    Regular Price ₹3,600 Special Price ₹2,342 As low as ₹2,170
    Out of stock
  20. Coltene Whaledent SwissTEC Composite

    From ₹625

    As low as ₹593

  21. Anabond Stedman RestoFill Syringe 4gm Refills

    From ₹561

    As low as ₹532

    Micro hybrid
  22. Dentsply Ceram.X Mono Compact Kit
    Dentsply Ceram.X Mono Compact Kit
    Regular Price ₹7,130 Special Price ₹6,319
    Light cured
    Improved handling & modelling
  23. Tokuyama Palfique LX 5 Syringe Refills

    From ₹1,650

    As low as ₹1,559

    Quick curing time
    Outstanding polishability
  24. Prevest Denpro Magma NT

    From ₹571

    As low as ₹536

    Visible light cured
    Nano ceramic restorative
  25. Tokuyama Estelite Flow Quick High Flow Syringe - Refills

    From ₹1,054

    As low as ₹1,012

    Ideal flowability for smooth cavity lining
    Large syringe and wing for easier dispensing
  26. Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Flow Refills

    From ₹808

    As low as ₹775

    Excellent wetting behavior
    Outstanding Stability
  27. Kerr Dyad Flow

    From ₹1,274

    As low as ₹1,151

    Fewer steps
    Saves time
  28. Prevest Denpro Fusion Flo

    From ₹571

    As low as ₹536

    Flowable composite
    Optimal surface affinity
  29. Prevest Denpro Fusion Universal Composite

    From ₹537

    As low as ₹504

    Visible light cured
  30. Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit with 7 Syringes
    Prime Dental Hybrid Composite Kit with 7 Syringes
    Regular Price ₹3,800 Special Price ₹2,616 As low as ₹2,455
    Hybrid Composite
    Visible Light Cure
    Out of stock
  31. Medicept Dental Matrix Microhybrid Composite Refills

    From ₹443

    As low as ₹411

  32. Tokuyama Estelite Alpha Syringe - Refills

    From ₹1,168

    As low as ₹1,085

    Outstanding polishability
    High gross retention over time
  33. Meta Nexcomp Flow

    From ₹773

    As low as ₹725

    Excellent radiopacity
    Flow on demand handling
    Out of stock
  34. Medicept Dental Flash Nanohybrid Composite - Starter Kit
    Medicept Dental Flash Nanohybrid Composite - Starter Kit
    Regular Price ₹4,500 Special Price ₹2,915 As low as ₹2,726
  35. Tokuyama Estelite Sigma Quick PLT - Refills

    From ₹2,509

    As low as ₹2,509

    Quick curing time - 10 sec.
    Extended working time - 90 sec
  36. Ivoclar Vivadent Tetric N-Ceram Bulk Fill Syringe Refills

    From ₹707

    As low as ₹679

    Versatile application and shading options
    Special filler technology
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Buy dental composites online in India

Buying guide for composites


Composites are amongst the modern tooth filling materials which get used for restoration of teeth in the current times. Due to the tooth colour matching which composites provide, they have gone on to become the de facto filling material for most requirements. They have replaced amalgams and other metals as the preferred option, driven by this property.

What is a composite?

Composite resins are chemical resin materials used for dental fillings. These bond tight with the remaining tooth structures to ensure restoration of the missing portions of the teeth.

What are the other options?

Amalgams, glass ionomer cements and compomers are some of the other materials which get used in place of composites to restore teeth.

What are the different types of composites?

There are multiple ways of classifying composites:

Based on the size of the particle used, a composite ranges from macrofilled to microfilled to nanofilled. The trend has been to move towards smaller particles and better adhesion strengths to avoid microleakages which can put the restorations at risk.

Z350xt from 3m ESPE and sigma quick from Tokuyama are some of the nanofilled composites available in India.

Composites can also be classified based on the delivery mode – capsules, syringes, PLTs and powder liquid bottles

Composites are also classified into packable, flowable and universal composites. While packable composites are used for larger posterior restorations, flowable composites are used for smaller anterior restorations. Universal composites are usable for all kinds of restorations, and are generally preferred at smaller practices which are unsure of the requirements of different types of composites for a period of time.

What brands of composites are available in India?

Several of the world’s top dental manufacturers are present in India today either through their own subsidiaries or through importers/distributors. Some of the brands which are available in include:

  1. 3M ESPE
  2. Ammdent
  3. Anabond Stedman
  4. Coltene Whaledent
  5. Danville
  6. Dentsply
  7. Detax Dental
  8. DMG Germany
  9. DMP
  10. GC
  11. Heraeus Kulzer
  12. Ivoclar Vivadent
  13. Kuraray
  14. Medicept Dental
  15. Meta
  16. Pulpdent
  17. Ramen
  18. SDI
  19. Septodont
  20. Shofu
  21. Tokuyama
  22. Ultradent
  23. Voco
  24. Vericom
  25. GDP

There are more brands of composites getting added every day into PinkBlue, and remains the place with the most options for buying a dental composite in India.

What are the price ranges of composites?

Current PinkBlue deals with over 100 composites, and the price of the most economical composite is Rs 466 from a brand called Ramen Insta. And, the most expensive one is from the brand called Tokuyama Estelite Sigma quick kit at Rs 21,000. There are tonnes of options between these two ranges, and you can choose the option which suits you the best.

What are some of the premium brands of composites?

The premium brands of composites available in India include Tokuyama, SHofu, Heraeus Kulzer, 3m ESPE, IVoclar Vivadent Empress Direct and Kuraray.

What are some of the economical brands of composites?

Economical brands of composites include Te-econom plus from IVoclar vivadent, Anabond, Ramen Insta, D-tech, Medicept, Meta, Vericom, Valux and more.

What are the forms of composites available?

Composites are available in multiple forms of delivery:

Powder, liquid used to be the initial form for composite restoratives, where the powder and liquid scoops are to be taken and mixed at the time of usage.

But, to avoid human mixing errors, composites have moved to syringe delivery forms where the syringes have the pre-mixed content which can be delivered directly into the patient’s mouth for the restoration.

The other form which companies have come up with to avoid the mixing composition problem, is the capsule or PLT form which allows for a  standard quantity of powder and liquid which can be mixed at the time of usage. Capsule form remains the premium option and is the most expensive option for all brands.

Syringe is the most commonly used delivery form for composites at this point in time.

How do I know which shade of composites are needed for my practice?

Composites come in different shades. The shades which are usually available in all brands A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B2. The other shades which premium brands offer are A4, B1, B2, B4, Clear Enamel, Bleach, White, Bleach White, C1, C2, C3, C4 and multiple other minute variants.

Shades are needed to match with the colour of the teeth of the patient, to do tooth-coloured fillings. A vita shade guide, which is the iso standard for shade guides, helps in choosing the right shade for your patient’s need.

What are the expiry periods/ shelf lives of various composites?

Expiry periods of composites generally range from 1 to 3 years. The premium variants generally have lower shelf lives, while the most economical ones have a 3 year shelf-life.

How to use a composite?

In case of a powder liquid or a capsule, the components are to be taken out and mixed to create the filling material. In case of the syringe, the filling mix already is available and comes readily out of the syringe.

The area which needs filling is cleaned up. In case there is a need for a sealant to be used, the same is done. In case there is a need for a bonding agent, the same gets used. And, then the filling materials are pushed into the space which needs filling. Ensure that it packs tightly into the space. Post that, use articulating papers to take impressions of the teeth and shape it to feet into the general teeth structure. Make sure the patient feels comfortable at the end of this exercise.

Who uses a composite?

Dentists who do teeth restorations use composites to restore teeth which are impacted by carries and have cavities.

Restorative dentists who generally work on protecting the natural teeth are the ones who do teeth restorations. While the easier tooth restorations involved lightly impacted tooth and just filling materials, the more impacted tooth might need root canal treatment, sealants, fiber posts and other materials to bring it back to normalcy. Restorative dentists pride themselves on not letting the natural teeth go off that easily.

How to decide on the best composite for my need?

Composites are determined by the type of practice which you are running. If its a premium practice, you will need the premium brands like Kuraray, Shofu, tokuyama and 3m ESPE Z350 xt. In case its a more economical practice, you might choose brands like D-tech, Ivoclar Te-econom plus or Anabond restofill.

Also, your projected requirements for a period of time may dictate the composite brand which you go for, based on the expiry periods of the products under consideration.

How to buy the best composite conveniently? deals with more than 20 brands of composites and over 100 products which have multiple shades amongst them. These include individual composite syringes as well as composite kits which come with bonding agents, etchants, sealants and other accessories.

There are over 500 products including the different shades which are available from different brands.

 How can I pay for my best suited composite?

You can buy any of these composites from anywhere in India on, by buying through different payment modes available – cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, netbanking and multiple other convenient payment options.

How much time will it take for to deliver my preferred composite?

You will get most products delivered to you within 2-5 days across the country. It is the most convenient way of buying dental composites in India. While the common moving shades are readily available, the slow moving shades are being maintained at manufacturer and importer locations to keep it efficient and at the same time available.

What is the most efficient shade mix I should have in my clinic?

Shade mix should be determined by the type of the practice. While you may not want a shade B4 in an economical practice, premium clinics might want to get a B4 as well, even though it may be used only for very few patients. So, in case of economical clinics, its best to keep the most needed shades only. In case of premium clinics with premium pricing, it might be essential to keep all types of shades in hand to ensure that there’s shade matching to all customers, for their requirements. provides the most number of shades available in India for dental composites, so hop over to pick the shades which you want to keep your customers happy and keep all restorations tooth-coloured.

 What are the most important characteristics of composites?

Select your composites based on their strength, compression characteristics, ambient light sensitivity, radiopactity, polymerization depth, curing time, handling – stickiness, sculptability, stiffness, modulus of elasticity – flexibility, wear, shrinkage, physical properties – hue, value, chroma, translucency, colour stability, polishability and polish longevity, clinical longevity, and the indications and contraindications of the product.

Why buy dental composites in India from has the largest collection of dental composites from the widest range of brands in India. You can compare and buy the products that best suit your requirements. With, you will get benefits such as free delivery over 500, Cash on Delivery option, multiple online payment modes, no near-expiry products, original products and lots more.