GC Miracle Mix

Strong chemical adhesion
Excellent marginal seal
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GC Miracle Mix Set (0501A050-0000) 15g Powder, 17g Alloy, 8ml Liquid Set (Powder, Alloy and Liquid)
Regular Price ₹4500 Special Price ₹4298
GC Miracle Mix Capsules, Box of 50 (0101B573-0000) 50 Miracle Mix Capsules (0.10ml mixed volume/capsule) Capsules
Regular Price ₹12000 Special Price ₹9422
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Miracle Mix by GC is a silver alloy-glass ionomer cement indicated as a core build-up material. It has a proven formula of glass ionomer cement, with fine silver alloy powder. It is available as Powder-Liquid or in Capsules. GC Miracle Mix can be used to make lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair. The strong direct bond that this material offers, ensures elimination of undercuts and does not chip or flake when trimmed or cut. The simple technique of use requires only 4 minutes set to finish. Miracle Mix also has high fluoride release which reduces the chances of secondary caries formation. It does not stain or discolour the surrounding teeth. Its physical properties mimick the tooth structure when it shrinks and expands. Miracle Mix is easily distinguishable from the tooth structure and is available in “no mess” capsules for easy and quick delivery of treatment.