Intra Oral Cameras

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  1. IDS Denmed DentaCam VGA Intra Oral Camera
    IDS Denmed DentaCam VGA Intra Oral Camera
    Regular Price ₹19534 Special Price ₹19323
    As low as ₹18164
    High resolution
    Auto focus Sony CCD Camera
  2. Healix CellCam Intra Oral Camera
    Healix CellCam Intra Oral Camera
    Regular Price ₹7000 Special Price ₹6591
    As low as ₹6321
    HD Resolution
    Support Android and PC
  3. Syndicate Intra Oral Camera
    Special Price ₹33775
    As low as ₹31358
    High quality
  4. Supreme Oral Camera With Monitor
    Special Price ₹23652
    As low as ₹22381
    Easy to use
    Perfect image
    Out of stock
  5. Crystal Intraoral Sensor
    Crystal Intraoral Sensor
    Regular Price ₹132000 Special Price ₹105485
    CMOS Image Sensor
    Water resistant
  6. IDS Denmed Intra Oral Camera - HDI 110 TV Model
    Special Price ₹11524
    As low as ₹11100
    Six LED Light & Focus Lens
    High resolution CMOS sensor
  7. Clinic Blue Line Intra Oral Camera

    From ₹10316

    As low as ₹9769

    With memoriant freezing option
  8. Unicorn Denmart Direct USB Intra Oral Camera
    Unicorn Denmart Direct USB Intra Oral Camera
    Regular Price ₹5000 Special Price ₹3204
    As low as ₹3074
    2 mega pixels
    Perfect image
    Out of stock
  9. Cristofoli Intra Oral Camera
    Cristofoli Intra Oral Camera
    Regular Price ₹25000 Special Price ₹23143
    As low as ₹21499
    Easy to use
    No need of additional software
    Out of stock
  10. SuriDent Dental Camera
    SuriDent Dental Camera
    Regular Price ₹6500 Special Price ₹6233
    As low as ₹5780
    Quality approved
    Rust resistance
    Out of stock
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Buy Intra Oral Cameras Online in India



Modern dentistry has shown over the years that images are an important part of dental treatment. Dentistry has seen various advancements over the past few decades. Advances in diagnostics and therapeutics have made the field of dentistry much more consistent and time saving. Intra oral cameras are one of the important and highly useful advancements of dentistry. These wand form cameras are used in conjunction with LCD monitors that are attached to the dental unit. With the help of these small devices, the dentist enables the patient to look at their oral cavities. This improves the patients understanding of the clinical situation better. They are highly advanced alternatives to using mirrors. The desired images can be saved to the patient’s file for future reference.


History of the Intra Oral Camera:

The first intraoral photos can be traced back to the year 1839, when Louis J. M. Daguerre presented the first process of photography at the Paris Academy of Sciences. Later that year, Alexander S. Wolcott, a dental instruments manufacturer from New York designed and patented the first dental camera. It was based on Daguerre’s model. Initially, these pictures were copies on silver-coated copper plates. They were referred to as daguerreotype after Louis Daguerre. In addition to these dentists used extra oral cameras with accuracy to capture pictures of the oral cavity.

However, the first real intra oral camera came in the late 1980s. It could take images inside the mouth and was the first analog intra oral camera system. It was manufactured by Fuji Optical Systems of Los Gatos, California. They attained the first registered trademark of the intra oral dental camera on the 7th of July,1987. It was then released through Patterson Dental Supplies as the DentaCam.

In 1989, the company Video Dental Concepts came up with an intra oral camera that uses a dental endoscopic handpiece. The components of this intra oral camera ETS Groux Optical Corp, France and a local Panasonic Industrial Camera Division. This became the first intra oral camera with a dental endoscope, light source and a remote head micro camera. This design set the standard off intra oral cameras for many years.


Uses of Intra Oral Cameras:

With the use of dental intra oral cameras, the patient can now see what the dentist sees. This gives the patients a greater sense of appreciation of dental treatment. The patients can witness a real-time navigation of their oral cavity. Using these dental endoscopes doctors can educate their patients about the clinical situation better than other means. This enhances the relationship between the dentist and the patient as the latter get to understand the rationale behind the treatment being carried out.

For example, a gum disease in the beginning stages would not have any symptoms such as pain or bleeding. Treatment of gum disease in the early stage is inevitably better than treating later stages. However, patients would be under the impression that there is no real necessity for treatment as there are no related symptoms. With the help of intra oral camera systems, the dentist can show the patient, the visual difference between healthy gingiva and inflamed gingival tissue. The patient now would be more willing to get treatment done.


Features of Intra Oral Cameras:

Various feature options are available with different brands that manufacture intra oral cameras. Some of the common design options for intra oral cameras are:


  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • LED light source
  • Focus – fixed or variable
  • Magnification – upto 100x
  • Angle views – 0 – 90 degrees
  • 45-degree mirror attachment
  • Periodontal probe attachment
  • Card Storage
  • Specialized imaging software


Commonly used Intra Oral Cameras:

The following are the commonly used high quality dental intra oral cameras found at

  • DentaCam VGA
  • Clinic Blue Line IOC
  • Cristofoli Intra Oral Camera
  • Advance CAM
  • Surident Dental Camera


What are the brands selling intra oral cameras online in India?

IDS Denmed, Unicorn Denmart, Clinic Blueline, Cristofoli and Skanray are a few brands selling intra oral cameras online at


Why buy intra oral cameras online at

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