Endosmart Photo-activated Disinfection (PAD) CureLase I Laser with Dye

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Photo-activatedDisinfection (PAD) CureLase I is based on the principle of light impact with certain wavelength to the photo- sensitive material,which is in the surface and/or inside of micro-organisms cells.

As the result of that, light photon transfers the photo- sensitive material molecule to higher energetic condition. As a result, splitting ofhigh reactive singlet oxygen happens, which also oxidize biological molecules of microorganisms structural components and lead to its destruction.

More than 90% of microorganisms is destructed in the area of application this method. After application PAD huge decrease of potentially pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms lead to that rapidly rehabilitatednormal micro flora long time restrain growth of potentially pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms and lead to constant positive result. It is also shall to be noted that this method doesn't influence to alive cells of patient.

Advantages of CureLase I application:

 Bacterialeffect has local impact area, which is limited by a photo- sensitivematerial ray treatment.

  • Huge laser light and photo- sensitive material penetration depth.

  • There is no microorganisms' habituation effect

  • There is no impact to patient micro flora out of PAD application

  • As any disease is followed by decreasing of cell energy possibilities, so low intensive laser ray treatment has biological stimulant effect to patient tissue.

  • Due to plastic heads to light device, it is possible to access in hard to reach areas (periodontal pockets, alveolar canals)

  • Internal timer provides necessary treatment time.