Root Canal Irrigants

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  1. Prime Dental RC Help
    Prime Dental RC Help

    From ₹143

    As low as ₹135

    EDTA Paste
    3g & 20g Syringes
  2. PD Swiss Endoseptone
    PD Swiss Endoseptone
    Special Price ₹1975
    As low as ₹1798
    Root Canal Disinfection
    Sedative and Anti - Inflammator
  3. Dental Avenue Avueprep
    Dental Avenue Avueprep

    From ₹136

    As low as ₹123

    Softens infected dentine
    Antibacterial effect in the canal
  4. Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    Special Price ₹100
    3% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    500ml Bottle
    Out of stock
  5. Shivam Dental EDTA

    From ₹131

    As low as ₹118

    17% EDTA Gel & Solution
    3g Syringe &
    Out of stock
  6. Meta MD Chelcream
    Meta MD Chelcream
    Regular Price ₹1550 Special Price ₹887
    As low as ₹782
    19% EDTA Cream
    2 x 7g Syringes
  7. Maquira E.D.T.A Trissodium
    Maquira E.D.T.A Trissodium

    From ₹315

    As low as ₹282

    Chelating agent
    Dentin permeability
  8. Globus Medisys Easy Prep
    Globus Medisys Easy Prep
    Regular Price ₹160 Special Price ₹133
    As low as ₹120
    17% EDTA & 10% Carbamide Peroxide
    3g Syringe
  9. Ammdent Prep Canal
    Ammdent Prep Canal
    Regular Price ₹544.64 Special Price ₹375
    As low as ₹343
    EDTA & Carbamide Peroxide
    2 x 3.5g Syringes
    Out of stock
  10. Ramen Insta EDTA

    From ₹400

    As low as ₹378

    EDTA Gel & Sol
    5ml Syringe & 10ml or 60ml Bottle
  11. Dental Avenue Avueprep Plus
    Dental Avenue Avueprep Plus
    Regular Price ₹190 Special Price ₹155
    As low as ₹138
    Makes easy for instrumentation
    Irrigating agent during root canal cleaning
  12. Meta MD Cleanser
    Meta MD Cleanser
    Regular Price ₹710 Special Price ₹615
    As low as ₹583
    17% EDTA Solution
    100ml Bottle
  13. Dentsply Glyde File Prep - Syringe Kit
    Dentsply Glyde File Prep - Syringe Kit
    Regular Price ₹2270 Special Price ₹1865
    As low as ₹1630
    15% EDTA & 10% Carbamide Peroxide
    Clean & Removes smear layer
  14. Ammdent Dentochlore
    Ammdent Dentochlore
    Regular Price ₹607.14 Special Price ₹397
    As low as ₹374
    Antiseptic Root Canal Disinfectant
    220ml Bottle
  15. DenOR Dc Chlor - 500 ml
    DenOR Dc Chlor - 500 ml
    Special Price ₹550
    As low as ₹530
    2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution
    Highly biocompatible
    Out of stock
  16. Medicept Dental RC Plus EDTA Gel
    Special Price ₹700
    As low as ₹635
    EDTA, Glyclol and Urea Peroxide
    9g Tube
  17. Sodium Hypo (Vishal) 5%
    Special Price ₹184
    5% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    500ml Bottle
  18. Prime Dental RC Twents
    Prime Dental RC Twents
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹218
    As low as ₹209
    Two Sided Vents
    Efficient Irrigation
  19. Dental Avenue Avueprep - 6g @Rs 1 (SSW Special)
    Dental Avenue Avueprep - 6g @Rs 1 (SSW Special)
    Regular Price ₹190 Special Price ₹96
    As low as ₹86
    Softens infected dentine
    Out of stock
  20. Ramen Insta Endo Wash

    From ₹150

    As low as ₹145

    Out of stock
  21. DenOR DenPrep EDTA Gel
    DenOR DenPrep EDTA Gel
    Regular Price ₹160 Special Price ₹137
    As low as ₹125
    17% EDTA gel
    10% Carbamide peroxide
    Out of stock
  22. DenOR Sodium Hypochlorite

    From ₹90

    As low as ₹90

    Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    Debridement of root canals.
    Out of stock
  23. Anabond Endoprep-RC
    Special Price ₹400
    As low as ₹386
    10% EDTA & 15% Carbamide Peroxide
    2 x 3.6g Syringes
    Out of stock
  24. Pyrax Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

    From ₹136

    As low as ₹125

    Digest pulpal debris
    Used with a stabilizer to increase shelf life
  25. D-Tech Root Prep
    D-Tech Root Prep

    From ₹250

    As low as ₹231

    High chelation value
    High water solubility
  26. Septodont Parcan Bottle

    From ₹100

    As low as ₹97

    Ready to use
    Buffered & Stabilized Formulation
  27. Pulpdent File Rite
    Pulpdent File Rite

    From ₹725

    As low as ₹690

    17% EDTA Semi Gel
    5g Syringes; Kit(4) & Refills
  28. MAARC Sodium Hypochlorite

    From ₹126

    As low as ₹126

    5% & 3% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    500ml Bottle
    Out of stock
  29. DenOR DenSmear
    DenOR DenSmear
    Special Price ₹300
    As low as ₹273
    17% EDTA solution
    Neutral pH
    Out of stock
  30. Prevest Dolo Endogel

    From ₹200

    As low as ₹174

    17% EDTA & 10% Carbamide Peroxide
    2g Syringe ;Intro(1) & Economy(4) Packs
    Out of stock
  31. Prevest Denpro Hyposol

    From ₹140

    As low as ₹128

    3% & 5% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
    500ml Bottle
    Out of stock
  32. Anabond Asep-RC
    Special Price ₹500
    2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution
    500ml Calibrated Dispenser
    Out of stock
  33. Prevest Denpro EDTA Solution (Art.40004)
    Prevest Denpro EDTA Solution (Art.40004)
    Regular Price ₹200 Special Price ₹121
    As low as ₹106
    17% EDTA Solution
    Out of stock
  34. Prime Dental Citra Wash - 30ml
    Prime Dental Citra Wash - 30ml
    Regular Price ₹250 Special Price ₹153
    As low as ₹139
    Root canal irrigation solution
    Cleansing / conditioning of prepared canals
    Out of stock
  35. Pyrax Endocanal Gel
    Cleans canals
    Increases RCT instruments life
    Out of stock
  36. VIP Sodium Hypochlorite 3%
    Special Price ₹150
    Active Ingredient
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Buy Root Canal Irrigants Online in India



Removal of all pathogenic microflora from the root canal system is highly essential to ensure success of endodontic therapy. Mechanical debridement of the root canal is augmented using root canal irrigants. They facilitate flushing out debris, dissolving the tissues and disinfection of the root canal system. Instrumentation, although carried out diligently cannot completely debride the root canal of the causative pathogens, especially in curved canals. Endodontic irrigants are used along with irrigation to enhance the whole process and increasing the overall prognosis of treatment.


Objectives of root canal irrigation:

The objectives of irrigating the root canal system may be grouped under two heads:


Chemo-mechanical objectives:

  • Flushing action of the irrigants facilitates the removal of debris.
  • Lubrication aids in instrumentation of canals which are difficult to negotiate.
  • Dissolution of the tissues to enhance removal.
  • Removal of the smear layer is highly significant as it ensures easier and more efficient canal instrumentation.


Biological objectives:

Antimicrobial action against disease causing pathogens to eliminate the etiological factors of the disease.


Ideal requirements of root canal irrigants:

  • Completely remove the smear layer
  • Easy handling and application
  • Prolonged and sustained antibacterial effect
  • Germicidal and fungicidal action
  • Must not irritate the periapical tissues
  • Disinfect dentinal tubules
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not stain tooth structure
  • Does not hinder the sealing ability of filling materials
  • Does not induce an immune response


Factors influencing the efficacy of root canal irrigants: 

  • Depth of irrigating needle that is engaged in the root canal
  • Size of the root canal
  • Diameter of irrigating needle
  • Viscosity of irrigating solution
  • Velocity of irrigation at the needle tips
  • Orientation of needle bevel
  • Temperature of irrigating solution



Chlorhexidine digluconate, MTAD and sodium hypochlorite are root canal irrigants known for their antibacterial and tissue dissolving properties.


Sodium Hypochlorite:

NaOCl is a clear pale yellow-green liquid. It has a strong odour of chlorine. It is one of the most extensively used endodontic irrigants worldwide. The use of NaOCl is attributed to its excellent antibacterial properties. It kills most bacterial on direct contact, almost instantly. Sodium hypochlorite also effectively dissolves the necrotic and vital pulpal tissue.


Properties of sodium hypochlorite: 

  • Potent antimicrobial
  • Tissue solvent
  • Acts as a lubricant
  • Flushes debris

Mechanism of action of sodium hypochlorite:

NaOCl undergoes ionization in water to sodium and hypochlorite ions. This establishes an equilibrium with hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This acid is responsible for the antibacterial properties of NaOCl. It disrupts vital functions of the bacterial cell, which results in death of the microbes.

Sodium hypochlorite undergoes three reaction with the organic tissues namely Saponification, Amino acid neutralization and Chloramination.

The efficacy of this irrigant can be enhanced by altering the pH and temperature of the solution and by ultrasonic agitation.


Prevention of Hypochlorite accidents:

Sodium hypochlorite is one of the most commonly advocated root canal irrigants. However, the toxic effects of the irrigant can result in a number of serious complications. Hence it is always essential to practice caution while using NaOCl. The following points can serve as guidelines to prevent hypochlorite accidents.

  • Proper straight line access with adequate coronal preparation
  • Assessment of root canal anatomy
  • Usage of specialized needles
  • Accurate determination of working length
  • Do not wedge the tip of the needle in the canal
  • Avoid excessive digital pressure
  • Constant in and out movements of the needle
  • Flow back of the irrigating solution should be observed


Chlorhexidine digluconate:

CHX is a synthetic cationic bis-guanide. It is an extensively used root canal irrigant having broad spectrum antibacterial action. It is relatively non-toxic.


Mechanism of action:

CHX is a positively charged lipophilic molecule that interacts with the cell membrane of the bacterial cell (phospholipids and lipopolysaccharides). The chlorhexidine molecules enter the bacterial cell via active or passive transport. This causes disruption of the bacterial cell wall. As a result, leakage of the intracellular constituents occurs. Consequently, the cytoplasm of the bacterial cell becomes congealed and a reduction in leakage is observed.



Ethylenediamine tetra acetic acid is a widely used endodntic irrigant best known for its excellent properties of smear layer removal. Another chelating agent with similar properties is citric acid. In addition to their cleaning ability chelating agents have also shown to remove the biofilms that adhere to the root canal walls. Coating endodontic files with EDTA prior to insertion into the canals can be highly efficacious when dealing with calcified canals.


Mechanism of action:

The calcium ions in the root dentin react with EDTA to form soluble calcium chelates. Studies have shown that EDTA decalcified root dentin to a depth off 20 to 30 microns. This facilliates easier removal of the debris present in the root canal and also enhances ease of instrumentation.




Recommended concentration


Antimicrobial action

Tissue dissolving capacity

Inactivation of endotoxins

Smear layer action

Caustic potential

Allergic Potential


Hydorgen peroxide







Depends on concentration


Sodium Hypochlorite

1 -5.25%

Halogen release




Present (organic compunds)

Depends on concentration



0.2 – 2%






Depends on concentration


Ethylene diamine  tetra acetic acid

10 – 17%

Polyprotic acid




Present (Inorganic compounds)



Citric Acid

10 – 50%

Organic acid




Strong (Inorganic compounds)





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