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The loss of integrity of the tooth surface due to demineralization and dissolution by bacterial metabolism is the most common cause of irreversible pulp damage and subsequent inflammation of the periapical region. A sound knowledge of the anatomy of the tooth is important to achieve a well-designed access preparation, which is the preliminary step in endodontic therapy. A properly designed access cavity will have appreciable effects in the latter phases off endodontic therapy. Burs specifically designed to achieve a straight-line access are used in access cavity preparation.


Parts of a dental bur:

Dental burs are usually designed having three parts, Head, Neck and Shank.

The Shank is the portion of the bur which attaches to the provision in the handpiece. There are three types off bur shanks – Straight handpiece shank, latch-type handpiece shank and friction grip handpiece shank.

The Neck connects the shank to the head. It is a tapered portion that enhances visibility

The Head of the bur is the working component, having various designs. Diamond burs have diamond abrasive particles of various grits in the bur head. Carbide burs usually contain blades to enhance cutting efficiency.


What are the burs used in access cavity preparation?

Endodontic access burs can be classified as diamond burs and tungsten carbide burs. There are various companies manufacturing diamond and carbide endodontic burs. The most commonly used burs for preparing the access cavity are the round bur, round bur with collar, tapered fissure bur and the non-end cutting bur. The round bur or tapered fissure bur are used in initial penetration of the tooth. Round bur No.2 or No.4 are the usually used sizes. The non-end cutting bur is used to remove any unsupported tooth structure and to refine the walls of the access cavity without any damage to the pulp chamber floor.


Are there endodontic bur sets available?

Yes. SS White, the manufacturer of the first dental burs used, have introduced a set of burs to be used in endodontic access preparation, called EndoGuide Burs. These burs are available in two kits – Anterior/Bicuspid Kit and Molar Kit. They have a conical shaped micro-diameter tip that acts as a self centering guide. This aids in achieving a straight-line access which will help maximize efficiency while preserving the surrounding healthy dentin.

The Anterior/Bicuspid kit contains seven burs four of which are EndoGuide burs and three burs of the Great White series. These burs are designed for access preparation in anterior and premolar teeth.

The Molar Kit contains seven EndoGuide burs which aid in achieving a straight line access in molar teeth. They have long shank designs which facilitate vision and a conical shaped tip to enhance the design off the access cavity and make canal location easier.


Points to keep in mind while preparing the access cavity:

  • Keep the orientation of the apical foramen in mind in addition to the position of the canal orifices
  • In highly curved canals extend the portion of the access cavity opposite to the curve of the root. This will ensure that the file encounters a lesser curvature.
  • The elimination of the entire chamber roof and ensuring a rectilinear access to the apical foramina is essential.
  • The access must not assume a pre-determined shape. The anatomy of the pulp chamber floor determines the shape of the endodontic access in every tooth.
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of the tooth and variations is essential to prepare a well-designed access.
  • In difficult cases, it is advisable to prepare the access without rubber dam isolation, or as suggested by Weine, isolation of an entire quadrant may prove useful.
  • Only the occlusal and lingual surfaces are used to prepare the access cavity. In rare cases the gingival surface may be used but the subsequent bending of the endodontic instruments is undesirable.


What are the brands selling endodontic burs online?

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