Dentsply Core & Post System

Complete Post & Core Solution
All Components by Dentsply
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Package Contents: 1 x Maillefer Largo Peeso Reamer No. 1,1 x Maillefer Largo Peeso Reamer No. 2,1 x Maillefer Precision Drill No. 1,1 x Maillefer Precision Drill No. 2,1 x Maillefer Precision Drill No. 3,1 x Maillefer Precision Drill No. 4,5 x X·post No. 1,5 x X·post No. 2,3 x X·post No. 3,2 x X·post No. 4 30 x Paper Points,1 x DENTSPLY DeTrey Conditioner 36,25 x Applicator Needles for DeTrey Conditioner 36,1 x XP BOND,1 x Self-Cure Activator,1 x CliXdish,50 x Root Canal Applicator Tips,2 x core·X flow Syringe,10 x Mixing/Intraoral Tips for core.X flow,1 x Mixing Pad
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A new unique treatment solution for the placement of core build-ups and endodontic posts

The DENTSPLY Core & Post System is designed to offer a complete dental treatment solution for the placement of core build-ups and endodontic posts. Main feature of this “Certified Treatment System (CTS)” is the perfect combination of products with proven compatibility. All system components are made by DENTSPLY and show excellent performance for better dentistry. The organizer tray has been especially designed by dentists for dentists to simplify the complex procedure of adhesive core build-up and post placement. The arrangement of products according to the treatment steps allows a fast and easy procedure.