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  1. SuriDent Single Airotor Switch
    SuriDent Single Airotor Switch
    Regular Price ₹488 Special Price ₹406
    As low as ₹363
    Out of Stock
  2. Crowndent Monitor 16 inch TFT
    Crowndent Monitor 16 inch TFT
    Regular Price ₹11513 Special Price ₹9466
    As low as ₹8846
    Out of Stock
  3. SuriDent Compressor Head + Solenoid Valve and Capacitor

    From ₹11017

    As low as ₹11017

    Out of Stock
  4. Navadha Restorative Organizer
    Navadha Restorative Organizer
    Regular Price ₹2781 Special Price ₹2372
    As low as ₹2162
    Protective cover
    Self lubricting
    Out of Stock
  5. Corpus Vac Midi Dental High Vaccum System
    Special Price ₹68530
    Has anti vibration system
    Non - stop air ring vacuum motor
    Out of Stock
  6. Coxo TFT clamp
    Special Price ₹1200
    Very durable
    Compatible with all TFT monitors
    Out of Stock
  7. Schulz Air Compressor Oil-Free MSV 6.0/30
    Special Price ₹78941
    Oil Free
    Out of Stock
  8. IDM Three Folded Dental Chair Package
    IDM Three Folded Dental Chair Package
    Regular Price ₹550000 Special Price ₹458755
    New Clinic Setup Package
    12 Dental Equipment included
    Out of Stock
  9. SuriDent Armann-2 Dental Chair
    Special Price ₹136088
    Electric muted motor
    Sanitary seamless cushion
    Out of Stock
  10. Faro MP3020 With Arm
    Special Price ₹113790
    Out of Stock
  11. Dabi Atlante Croma Hasteflex V
    Special Price ₹495000
    3 Programmable Work Positions
    Bi-articulated headrest
    Out of Stock
  12. SuriDent Chair Head Light
    SuriDent Chair Head Light
    Regular Price ₹3708 Special Price ₹3365
    Perfect finish
    Less maintenance
    Out of Stock
  13. Crowndent Hydraulic Dental Chair - Crown 6
    Crowndent Hydraulic Dental Chair - Crown 6
    Regular Price ₹100000 Special Price ₹83306
    Moveable instrument tray
    Operating light with two intensity
    Out of Stock
  14. Crowndent Dental Air Compressor

    From ₹23268

    As low as ₹23268

    0.75 HP, 1 HP, 1.5 HP
    Accurate dimensions
    Out of Stock
  15. Navadha Extension Arm #8inch
    Navadha Extension Arm #8inch
    Regular Price ₹3100 Special Price ₹2558
    Surface disinfect only
    Good quality
    Out of Stock
  16. IDS Denmed Portable Suction Unit (DS2501M)
    Special Price ₹36885
    High durability
    Compact design
    Out of Stock
  17. Schulz Air Compressor MSV Oil-Free 6.0/50 Dental Split
    Schulz Air Compressor MSV Oil-Free 6.0/50 Dental Split
    Regular Price ₹93316 Special Price ₹88408
    Oil Free
    Versatile Set
    Out of Stock
  18. Anthos Classe A3 Plus - Dental Unit with Durr Suction
    Special Price ₹1000000
    Movable right arm rest
    Synchronized movement of seat and backrest
    Out of Stock
  19. SuriDent Micro Switch
    Special Price ₹417
    Out of Stock
  20. SuriDent Milan -2 Dental Chair
    Special Price ₹124673
    Electric muted motor
    Sanitary seamless cushion
    Out of Stock
  21. Faro Maia LED Tech Head Light
    Special Price ₹46314
    LED dental operating light
    High performance
    Out of Stock
  22. Airel K2 Dental Chair
    Airel K2 Dental Chair
    Regular Price ₹519210 Special Price ₹510239
    Unit is column mounted
    Fully electrical
    Out of Stock
  23. Skydent Under Hanging Dental Treatment Unit
    Special Price ₹147655
    User friendly
    Easy to operate
    Out of Stock
  24. Crowndent Semi Electrical Dental Chair
    Crowndent Semi Electrical Dental Chair
    Regular Price ₹100570 Special Price ₹83306
    Chair side spittoon
    Tumbler water connection operated by manual switches.
    Out of Stock
  25. SuriDent Armann Plus - Dental Chair
    Special Price ₹145137
    New comfortable patient chair
    Fashion new hanging delivery tray
    Out of Stock
  26. Unicorn Denmart External Oral Suction - US1400
    Unicorn Denmart External Oral Suction - US1400
    Special Price ₹50000
    Extra Oral Suction Unit
    4 Stage Filtration
    Out of Stock
  27. IDS Denmed Way Syringe - With Two Autoclavable Tips
    Special Price ₹600
    Different Sized Tips
    Easily Removable Tips
    Out of Stock
  28. SuriDent 4-Function Foot Pedal
    SuriDent 4-Function Foot Pedal
    Regular Price ₹2085 Special Price ₹1826
    Out of Stock
  29. Dabi Atlante Galla Hasteflex Dental Chair

    From ₹725000

    As low as ₹725000

    Unilateral Articulation
    Bi-articulated headrest
    Out of Stock
  30. SuriDent Weak Suction
    Special Price ₹583
    Out of Stock
  31. Bien Air Optima MX2 Micromotor

    From ₹261831

    As low as ₹261831

    3.5 Ncm
    100 - 40
    Out of Stock
  32. Cingol X1
    Special Price ₹202849
    Dental chair interlock system
    High stability chair frame
    Out of Stock
  33. Denmax Air Water Syringe Tip
    Denmax Air Water Syringe Tip
    Regular Price ₹1212 Special Price ₹1006
    Secure lock
    Out of Stock
  34. Airel Gentilin Compressor - Italy

    From ₹71391

    As low as ₹71391

    Innovative filter system
    Guarantees maximum cleaning
    Out of Stock
  35. Crowndent Electric Chair -Mookambika Type With LED Light
    Crowndent Electric Chair -Mookambika Type With LED Light
    Regular Price ₹137608 Special Price ₹96634
    X-ray viewer
    Transparent water booster with regulator
    Out of Stock
  36. LD Disposable 3 way Syringe Tips (LD-069)
    Special Price ₹850
    Quick and easy
    Out of Stock
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Buy Dental Chairs & Accessories Online in India



The dental office consists of various equipment and materials that aid the dentist to deliver quality oral healthcare services. Of the different equipment present in a dental clinic, the dental chair, is the main attraction of any dental clinic. The dental chair might be the centrepiece of the dental office. It is very important that dentists invest time and money in purchasing the right chair, that will suit their needs best. One size does not fit all. That holds true in the case of dental chairs as well. The dentist, size of the dental clinic, type of dental procedures, budget and various other factors must be considered before buying a dental chair. The auxiliary pieces of equipment such as dental air compressor and the suction units play a big role in enhancing the quality of treatment. Dental air compressors deliver compressed air that powers the air driven handpieces. The suction units have a powerful vacuum system that removes water, oral fluids and other substances that ae present in the field of operation.



The dental chair consists of an electrically operated, retractable patient seating chair and accessory elements such as a spittoon bowl, provisions for airotor and micromotor handpieces, operating light, foot control pedal, an assistant’s tray, dentist stool, x-ray viewer and other attachements. The dental chair has evolved drastically from when it was first constructed in the 1880s. Dental chairs with built in light cure units, LCD screens and intra oral cameras have been manufactured, incorporating all the essential and frequently used elements of dental treatment. The dental chair has controls for chair positioning which mostly are a combination of foot controlled and manual variants. These controls can be used to move the backrest of the chair forward or backward, and the dental chair as a whole, upward and downward. Chair positioning settings can be saved in certain dental chairs making it possible to set an ergonomic positon and come back to it even if there are changes in chair position during the course of treatment.   


Importance of the dental chair:

The dental chair, definitely is one of the most important parts of the dental office. It is the first thing that patients would notice once they step into the dental operatory. Dental chairs have been conventionally considered to a place of discomfort for patients. The doctor tries to reduce patient anxiety and fear of treatment, using communication skills and reading their mood through body language and active listening. The dental chair, however is the culmination of the scene setting. The chair has to be designed keeping in mind, patient comfort. That is the single most important criterion to consider before buying a dental chair.  If patient comfort is compromised it would be highly detrimental to the patients attitude towards treatment and the dentist. This is why, patient comfort has to be the main consideration while making a dental chair purchase. When the patient sits on the dental chair and feels comfortable, the response to treatment would have a highly positive response.



Dental air compressors, although not the most attractive piece of equipment in the dental office, have a huge significance in dental treatment. They compress the entering air, delivering them to air driven portion of the dental chair. The three-way syringe and airotor handpiece are examples of small equipment that use the compressed air produced by dental air compressors. There have been developments in the types of air compressors used in dentistry. The older versions consisted of oil which is used to lubricate the parts of the compressor. Studies have shown that this oil may serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful pathogens, if regular maintenance procedures are not followed. To compensate for this, oil free systems have been developed. These systems create clean compressed oil-free air.



Suction units in dentistry are used to remove saliva, fluids and other debris while performing dental procedures. There are two types of dental suction units, the high-volume evacuation system and the saliva ejectors. The HVE and the SE are placed close to each other in the dental unit. HVE is used in procedures containing larger amount of debris. Saliva ejectors are small and allow easier accessibility. Saliva ejectors are used frequently for daily procedures such as scaling and restorations. The high-volume suction is used in surgical procedures. Care must be taken to ensure prevention of bacterial colonization in the unit, tubing, valves and other parts of the suction unit. Patients must be advised to not wrap their mouth over the saliva ejector as it may with cause backflow of the contents inside the tubing back into the mouth.



The parts of the dental chair are meant to be durable. However, certain events lead to deterioration of the dental chair parts. These maybe small elements such as micro switches, retraction valves and airotor switches or larger components such three way syringes, operating lights, foot pedals and others. These commonly used dental chair accessories have been grouped under this category. Other accessories such as stands for LCD monitors are also available. The LCD monitors can be mounted on to the dental unit, and used in conjunction with an intra oral camera.


What are the brands selling dental chairs and accessories online in India?

Skanray, Surident, Confident, Bestodent, Schulz, SK Dent, Gnatus, Faro, Clinic Blue Line, Dynamic, Tornado, Bestodent, Anthos, Astek, Airel, Hi-Tech, Cingol and Denfort some of the many brands that sell dental chairs and accessories online at


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