Denfort Ultra violet (UV) Disinfection Tower

UV Disinfection Tower
Provided on mobile base
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An Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection Tower for rapid and chemical free disinfection of high infection prone areas

The UV Blaster will be useful for sanitizing hi-tech surfaces including: computers, electronic equipment and other gadgets in laboratories. And also those offices which may not be suitable for disinfection using chemical methods.

This can also be used in areas with where there is going to be huge flow of people like the airports, factories, hotels, offices, shopping malls , clinic and metros.

There are three lamps each with 30 watts (total 90 watts) of  UV-C power at 254 nm wavelength for 360 degree illumination.

The UVC light has to be switched on with no human presence around to avoid harmful effect of direct exposure to skin and eyes from the source.

This consists of a shorter, more energetic wavelength of light and can destroy genetic material in COVID-19. It is environment friendly and is contact free effective method of sanitization. The UV-C box is designed for disinfecting personal belongings like mobile phones, ipads, tablets, currency, office file covers etc.
Provided on mobile base for easy portability.
Provided with SS support for convenient and easy mobility