Dabi Atlante Forza Ceramics QC MRS 400 with Fibre Optic

Equipped with high-precision technology
Light weight
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Equipped with high-precision technology, the line of handpieces Dabi Atlante was developed with quality materials, Which Provide durability, strength and lightness. Designed Specifically for jobs que require maximum torque combined with excellent cutting performance, line handpieces Forza are made of brass and feature shape and ideal weight. Thus, the handling passe ergonomic and comfortable for professionals. Brass body Made of brass, it has the shape and the ideal weight. Its smooth and homogeneous surface without grooves or possible points of dirt accumulation Facilitates cleaning and disinfection. Ceramic bearings Pottery is 4 times stronger and 50% lighter than steel, Which angiograms the friction between the bearing and its retainer, Significantly Extending the life of the bearing and the yield of the handpiece, and reduce noise. Triple spray Greater efficiency in cooling of the drill and the tooth surface, regardless of the procedure being Performed. Preserves the integrity of the pulp, Ensures greater convenience to the patient and Increases the life of the drill. Push Button Quick drill replacement system que requires only a simple touch on the back of the handpiece head and Increases its retention capacity When high speed is triggered. Prevents damage to drills, Particularly for diamond thin, and the Possibility of cross-infection Caused by the use of the corkscrew bits. It Eliminates the mechanical pressure of the corkscrew drill on bearings Thus Extending the useful life of the parts. Optical fiber Through a system of optical fibers are Issued two light spots directly on the active part of the drill, Allowing the dental surgeon a clear view of the details. The spotlights Eliminate shadows in the surgical field, reducing the eyestrain of professional and safety and accuracy Increasing while working. Microbalance turbine The microbalance Eliminates the turbine vibrations, Increasing its useful life, Significantly reducing noise and providing more comfort to the professional. Ergonomic design The cable Ergonomic design, adapted to the hand shape, and side cutters Ensure safe handling in any position, even with the surface of the wet part. Quick coupler Facilitates engagement in Atlante handpieces Dhabi and NSK, and 360 of the pen without Causing tensions in the operators hand Allows. Autoclavable Autoclavable at a temperature up to 135 degree C without risk of damage, contributing to the biosafety of office. Simplified maintenance The lubricating oil Dabi Atlante has hitch compatible with Dabi Atlante handpieces, making it easy and effective maintenance.