Dabi Atlante Contra-Angle ROC Reducer 16/1

Fully sterilizable
Aluminum body
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Aluminum, the body against angle provides the ideal balance between robustness and ease of grip. Drill Fixation System Latch Type, this product is preferred by most surgeons to offer greater security. Compatible with micromotors Intra type coupling (universal), the ROC CAR 16: 1 is fully sterilizable, without disassembly and attached accessory for easy lubrication. The ROC CAR 16: 1 is suitable for procedures that require torque to 35N. Not recommended for procedures requiring a rotation above 1500 rpm or 25,000 rpm on the drill handpiece to promote the screw and implant insertion. Reduction 16: 1 (ex.Micromotor to 20,000rpm / drill the 1.250rpm) Fixation System Drill Latch Type (LT) Pipe for cooling soldier drill head Compatible with micromotors in Intra type coupling Usable with shank drills diameter between 2,334 and 2,350mm ISO 1797-1 Anodized aluminum body Autoclavable at 135 degree C Cleaning and lubrication system with intermediate beak aid.