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  1. Dentsply Integrity Cartridge Refill

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    Minimal shrinkage
    Available in 5 shades
  2. Dentsply Calibra Esthetic Resin Cement - Kits

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    Visible light-cured, dual cured, self cured
    High strength
  3. Dentsply AquaCem 30g
    Dentsply AquaCem 30g
    Regular Price ₹3270 Special Price ₹2535
    As low as ₹2362
    Blend of alumino-silicate glass and polyacrylic acid
    Adheres to dentin and enamel
    Out of Stock
  4. Dentsply SmartCem2 Self-Adhesive Cement Syringe - Refills

    From ₹8310

    As low as ₹8310

    Two component
    Dual Cure
    Out of Stock
  5. Dentsply XP BOND Adhesive
    Special Price ₹6303
    As low as ₹5926
    High bond strength
    Easy & comfortable application
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Buy Dental Crown & Bridge Online In India



Replacement of missing teeth is a significant part of dental treatment. Prostheses replacing missing teeth can prevent pathological migration of teeth and other complications that arise from long standing edentulous spaces. The advent of fixed partial dentures proved to be a prominent advancement in the field of prosthodontics. Moreover, it has enhanced the satisfaction of patients, as it is far more esthetic and comfortable than removable partial dentures.


What are the materials used in Crown & Bridge?

The process of fabrication of a crown or bridge consists of clinical and laboratory steps.



The clinical process starts with examination and assessment of the edentulous space and the abutment teeth, which is followed by preparation of the tooth in the case of a jacket crown or the abutment teeth in the case of a short or long span bridge.

Tooth preparation burs such as the depth cutter bur, flat end tapering fissure bur, round end tapering fissure bur and others are used in reduction of the tooth. Burs such as the end cutting bur are used to define the finish line.

After the tooth has been prepared an impression is made for the laboratory fabrication of the crown or bridge.



Ideally a provisional restoration is fabricated chair side for the prepared teeth, until the final prosthesis has arrived. Temporisation has biological, mechanical and esthetic significance. Materials such as the GC Revotek, Luxatemp by DMG Germany, Systemp C&B by Ivoclar Vivadent and others are used in fabrication of the prosvional prosthesis. The provisional restoration is fixed onto the tooth using a temporary luting agent, for a brief period of time.



The provisional and definitive prosthesis are fixed to the prepared tooth by the means of temporary and permanent luting materials respectively.

The temporary luting materials ensure an acceptable bonding of the prosthesis to the tooth and also facilitate removal when the final prosthesis is to be luted. Temporary luting is carried by using materials such as ZOE cement, Tempolink Clear by Detax Dental and many others.

Glass ionomer cement type 1, zinc phosphate cement, resin cements and adhesive resin cement are the contemporary permanent luting agents in use.

Surface conditioning agents such as etchants, metal and ceramic primers and adhesives are used to further enhance the bond between the tooth and the prosthesis.


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