Coltene Canal Pro Apex Locator

Accuracy of measurement
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Coltene CanalPro is an Electronic Apex Locator (EAL) that has been optimized inheriting proven technology and precision in measurement, to locate the apical constriction in endodontic therapy. The apex locator is implemented using a brilliant coloured 3D panel user interface. With ergonomic design and user friendly, the apex locator makes it the equipment choice for most dental professionals. It also provides a reliable method of confirming the working length of the root canal. Electronic length measurement is often more precise than radiographic determination of working length and can be repeated at any time to verify canal length. Devices like the CanalPro Apex Locators determine the location of the apical construction with the help of electrical resistance.

CanalPro uses two alternated measuring frequencies. As these frequencies are not mixed, it eliminates noise and the need for filtering the signals. The intensity of the signal is used to calculate the position of the file tip. This makes the measurements accurate and immune to electromagnetic interference. CanalPro has a virtual apex function which allows dentists to mark a predetermined distance from the apex, prior measurement and also provides audio feedback for the dentist. The high resolution TFT-LCD colour graphic display shows the movement of the file inside the canal, which provides an uninterrupted feedback to the clinician.

CanalPro enables to obtain correct results in canals with different conditions (dry, wet, blood etc). However, it is not recommended for use in patients that have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices. Coltene CanalPro Apex Locator must only be used in hospital environments, clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel. Since high concentrations of sodium hypochlorite could result in a lower accuracy of measurements, it is recommended to use sodium hypochlorite solution at a maximum concentration of 3 % for working length determination.


  • User Friendly, intelligent interface
  • Accuracy of measurement
  • Virtual Apex Function
  • Built-in self-test for a fast function control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reliable
  • TFT-LCD colour graphic display
  • Audio notification
  • Two alternate measuring frequencies
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference