Clean Clare Hand Sanitizer 100ML

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We are an IIM/IIT team working in the medical supplies space for a few years now, running and We understand the space, and have witnessed the speculation and hoarding of critical medical supplies first hand, over the last few weeks. A much more developed country like the USA is struggling with medical supplies in its fight against Covid-19. We do not want the same to happen in India, as our fight against Covid-19 intensifies.

We want our medical personnel to be fully equipped to handle this threat in the best possible manner, across the lengths and breadths of the country. Getting the demand and supply from across the country to meet each other digitally, would lead to far better pricing and availability of critical supplies, for every hospital in the country. Our experienced Procurement, Sales and Logistics teams will ensure that every transaction remains as smooth as possible. This is aimed at making sure that hospitals have one less thing to worry about, while they are fighting to save lives.

We request all Manufacturers and Distributors of essential Covid-19 supplies to support the initiative by registering with us, to ensure direct access to the healthcare institutions in need of their products. We request hospitals, clinics and labs to register with us to get access to medical supplies stocks available across the country, to get faster, better and right-priced supplies. PinkBlue will charge a flat minimum margin, to ensure largescale impact of the initiative.

Spread the word and help our medical professionals fight Covid-19 with the right armoury!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Logistics cost shall be charged as per actuals, in addition to the product prices
  2. Prices shown are approximate in nature, considering the fluidity of demand and supply in the current environment. These are not product listings for online transactions, and hence are only indicative in nature. Excuse any price errors which you may see, as prices get passed on based on information provided by Suppliers. The final transaction shall go through post discussions around all details, and hence the price listings do not hold any significance in the Covid-19 related product pages.
  3. For specific Covid-19 supplies related transactions, PinkBlue shall just coordinate the transaction between the seller and the buyer. PinkBlue shall charge a transaction fee for the same. All dentist transactions shall be handled directly by PinkBlue, as earlier, and shall not be impacted by the Covid-19 related actions.
  4. Buyers are requested to do their diligence about the product quality and reliability, by gathering all the details necessary to make the right purchase decision. PinkBlue team shall coordinate for the same as necessary. Post-delivery issue resolution remains complicated driven by the transaction values and frequencies. It is essential for the buyer to be 100% sure about the Seller and the Product before making payments against a purchase.
  5. While PinkBlue shall attempt to coordinate between the buyers and sellers to resolve any potential issues post delivery, PinkBlue shall not be held liable for the same.
  6. Any cancellation of orders from the Customer side, post payment, shall lead to a cancellation fee being charged.