Carie Care - Caries Solvent

Overcomes the inconvenience of using burs and local anaesthesia.
Causes less discomfort to the patient.
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CARIE-CARE is an enzyme based gel formulation for non invasive and non traumatic removal of the debris in dental caries. The Chemo-Mechanical Caries Removal (CMCR) technique involves the application of chemical agents, to cause a selective softening of carious dentine and facilitate removal by gentle excavation. Carie Care has an endoprotein as its main active ingredient. The gel has bactericidal and disinfectant properties, food grade dye for localization, water and salts. The presence of a natural anti-inflammatory compound provides an added advantage in the chemo mechanical caries removal. The product can be effectively used in restorative dental procedures.

Dental Caries is an important dental public health problem and is also the most prevalent oral disease among children and adults in the world. Dental caries is a multifactorial infectious microbial disease of the teeth that results in localized dissolution and destruction of the calcified tissues often resulting in cavitations.

One year shelf life and Ayush Registered