Bombay Dental i-Root Apex Locator

5th Generation
Dual Frequency Ratio Based
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i-Root is a 5th generation, dual frequency ratio digital Apex Locator used to determine the working length of the root canal while treatment. It gives an accurate reading even at Minor-Apical Diameter.


  • Use snugly fitting file in the root canal
  • Though the root canal can be wet, the Pulp-Chamber of the root canal should be visibly dry
  • There should not be any metallic restoration like, silver filing, crown, bridge etc, in the tooth you are treating
  • Always reach up to the anatomical apex to achieve Apical Patency. In i-Root it is displayed at 0.0
  • Even at a level of minor-apical diameter, i-Root will give you an accurate reading
  • Crossing Anatomical Apex or Apical Perforation will be indicated and i-Root will display a reading of negative, such as -0.2, -0.5


  • Based on Dual Frequency Ratio- Gold Standard: improves operation accuracy
  • Best and the most accurate in comparative studies
  • It gives accurate measurements even in wet canals such as with blood, tissue, hypo, EDTA, 2% Chlorhexidine etc.
  • Self-diagnostic checking to verify the accuracy & frequency of your i-Root.
  • Easy to reset or update frequency
  • Innovative 2D graphical patient management software
  • Guaranteed service backup
  • 2-line scale for user’s convenience
  • Mini size and light weight